Thursday, May 19, 2005

shellshock is a nasty way to be

I'm realising more and more that I did close to fuck all at my last company. Because I have never been so bombarded by work in my life. It's not terrible, but I rather liked doing nothing.

Work is so overrated. I even asked Steve if I could have his babies last night and be a soccer mom so I can rear them by myself. Am I mad??

So the condiments and spreads issue remains. I'm trying to inflitrate Woolworths and Shoprite at the moment, to take pictures of there...condiment aisles. Very cloak and dagger. Gripping stuff. Woolworths caters for the rich market here and Shoprite the poor. So actually, if I keep a positive mindset, it may be interesting.

Right. Off to look for condiments stats. When is Friday, oh God, please bring Friday. Please. This is not a joke.


Two | Face said...

From mid June the company I work for will be mine, so I was busy and now I will be swamped with work. But mind you I am a workaholic.

Although my weekends are precious and Sunday is always the hardest day to concentrate on work but don't touch my Saturday or Friday evening.

Good luck with your condiment-007-adventure and have fun.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks mrarty.
I also used to think I was a workaholic. But I've changed. That's awesome that you are acquiring your own company! Congrats!

Agreed: Do not even TRY to make me work on a Friday or Saturday night. Cos it'll never happen in a million years.

zuzula said...

good luck with the wonderful world of condiments.... personally I like to coat pretty much everything savoury in black pepper :)

Peas on Toast said...

hmmm.. pepper ay?
Did you know that it takes seven years to leave your system?

But who cares anyway.

Binsk said...

The Ketchup or catsup is really runny in Mexico if that helps at all... :)

Nettie said...

The only condiment I use really is Ranch dressing. Do y'all have that?

aunt jane said...

Work s overrated, being a soccer mom is underrated! In my house, ketchup is a necessity of life.

Blog ho said...

will you also ask steve if he'd take on a married man? i can also drive to soccer practice..very well.

aunt jane said...

if steve won't take you on, blog ho, i might be interested. i can always use a married man to help drive my kids to soccer practice, just one question though, how do you look in a thong and shorts?

Peas on Toast said...

Woah! So this is what happens when I'm sleeping, and you guys 8 hours behind me, get onto my blog.

Ho - Steve wasn't keen to take me on as a soccer mom, so I'm thinking he probably wouldn't take you on. And I give him sexual favours and everything. It's just not fair.

Aunt Jane - I'm pretty sure Ho looks great in a thong.

Binsk - runny in mexico?? That's halarious. Perhaps they dilute it with tequila :)

Nettie - I ate Ranch dressing in the States. Don't get it here, but should.

janie q said...

if you plan on being a soccer mom, you had better forget about sleeping again. you need to learn to multi task to really keep on eye on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to switch my name from aunt jane to janie q, i'm new to this blogging thing, my apologies to all

zuzula said...

shit - 7 years to get out of your system? I thought I'd put on weight but actually it's a big ball of pepper. eugh!