Monday, May 30, 2005

women woes

Not that I like to share my personal biorythyms with the rest of the world, but, to put it bluntly, the painters are in. Aunt Rosie is visiting. It's that time of the month. And I bloody well hate it.

I did not sleep one wink last night, because I had abdominal cramps that felt like labout pains all night long. And the contractions continue today. If labout is seven times worse than 'that time of the month' then I'm adopting. Simple as that.

So been feeling rather uncomfortable today. Note even my new working wardrobe that I splurged on over the weekend is helping. I maxed out my credit card on 'associate editor' looking suits and stuff. Very corporate. Very rah rah. During my reporter days I would fall out of bed in my pyjamas and literally walk into the office as is - tracksuits and other grungy-anti-estblishment-threads, but now I'm in control, with new business woman persona.

And I've discovered the joys of internet banking. A little far behind the rest of the world - five years or so - but what a difference! I just transfered cash into my other account just for fun, because it's so easy.

I went to a goth party on Friday for my friend Claire's return from Spain. Lucky little bugger's been studying Spanish there for the last six months. Anyhoo, it got completely out of hand, when we al found ourselves, at 2:00 am, alseep on the snooker table. All six of us. Stu had a cue between his legs and his pants were down. Dodgy dodgy dodgy. Emily's wig was askew across her face, my belt and other jewellery was scattered across the floor, and Steve had electricuted himself so much on the Bamboozled game, that he couldn't feel his arm. Charming, you'd think at 24, 25 we'd have grown up. But we still act like 16-year olds at frat parties. Young at heart, I say. Hear hear.

Right. Now. Time to write the news.


Binsk said...

Me it yesterday. Feel like garbage. Wnat to carve my uterus out with a spoon. Was talking to a girl last night who says she doesn't get cramps. Can you imagine???

Nettie said...

I never understood why some people called it their "monthly friend". Some friend.

janie q said...

i'm at that "special age" where i no longer have that friend, and it's great. i went through early menopause, had my last kid at 36 and about a year after that, i started menopause, lasted about two years, no problems. here's a tip for you ladies, if you are planning on having children in the future, actually bearing them yourselves, you might want to find out whether or not your mother went through early menopause. early menopause is hereditary, with more and more women waiting to start their family until later in life, this is something they may never even think about. i always thought menopause was a 50ish thing and was surprised (and relieved actually) to find out some women do begin early menopause in their 30's. funny how there are no male comments today, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder what's that all about?

Peas on Toast said...

Yeah no male comments - funny that. Or not really, they're probably stupified at the idea.
Cramps is the worst part, and that time of the month is no friend of mine!
Eraly menopause hey? My mother is starting to go through it now and she is 51, so hopefully I have some time...