Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I'm officially brain drained. Deadline is dawning, and the day has been filled with editing, interviewing, collaborating pictures and writing, writing, writing.
I'm doing a story on various little shops dotted over the whole of South Africa, and it's charming and gratifying to have a store manager in say, the miniscule village of Duiwelshoekfontein wanting to chat. Maybe it's the first chat he's had all year. Also knowing his comments and picture is going into a magazine has made his week, his month, his year, so will do ANYTHING to make my life easier. One guy sent me three photos of himself in different poses:Blue Steel next to the frozen peas; The Magnum next to the fresh rolls and The I-Can't-Smile-Wide-Enough in front of the deli. Bless.

I'm going to see 'The Life and Death of Peter Sellers' tonight with Stevo. So want to see it, especially because I love Charlize, and hey, Peter Sellers was always an interesting character. We going for Thai too.

Exhausted. Need a back massage. Any takers? ;)


Blog ho said...

nude pics, by chance?

Binsk said...

Yesterday was all female commenters, today you'll get all males with a question like that.

Have fun tonight!

Stephanie said...

Hope you enjoyed the film. Saw it in the cinema a while ago and thought it was brilliant.

Your job seems really fun, but tiring. :) Hope you are enjoying it.


janie q said...

i would LOVE a massage, thanks for asking! i'm taking my youngest to see madagascar tonight, not as interesting as looks at those nudie photos. your job sounds great. enjoy the movie tonight.