Tuesday, June 28, 2005

car hand-back day

I am happy because:
1) Steve gets back from New York today. Yayyyyyyyyy!
2) He's bought me a pink iPod. (Cos I'm always stealing his.)
3) My pneumonia is getting better.
4) I caught up the work I missed and wrote two, quite frankly, kick ass features today.
5) It's not Monday anymore.

I am unhappy because:
1) I am on anti-biotics, meaning really risky 'welcome home' sex. eek.
2) I have to hand back his car. Nooooooooooooo! I have to resume driving a clapped out piece of junk with an engine like a sewing machine, no brakes and no radio.
3) I still have five features to write before next week.
4) Friday seems a long way a-way.

But generally, it's all good.

Bitch Ex comment for the day: You want your favourite shirt back? I'm sorry, who is this? I think you have the wrong number.


Nettie said...

OOOh, IPod, awesome! But do be careful with the welcome-home celebration, eh?

Binsk said...

Ha ha ha...wrong number...I love it!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you could have told him he could have it back after you finished washing and waxing steve's car with it!

my neighbors welcomed their first born nine months after their honeymoon, she too was on antibiotics, ummmm, did you happen to notice my new name

Peas on Toast said...

Nettie - I know, nice eh? I will be careful, don't you worry ;)

Binsk - nice ring to it hey?

Janie - I did notice your new name, went to your new blog and read your story - hectic stuff. And love the waxing steve's car thing - it's brilliant, will so use it. And I hope I'm not as [lucky] as your neighbours! :)