Thursday, June 30, 2005

return on investment

Return on investment - when is high-risk investing a bad choice?

1) When it's time consuming
I thought I was being pretty darn astute and controversial when I started researching for a big story on shoplifting. You'd think phoning up stores across southern Africa and asking managers for their most entertaining and unbelievable shoplifting incident would be a piece of cake. It's not.
Thirty phonecalls later, I'm left with seven watered-down bland accounts, usually involving a middle-aged woman stealing hand cream and sticking in under her dress. Woah - the heat is almost too much. So much for cutting-edge journalism.

2) When it's expensive
A friend of mine took a girl he's been keen on for ages on a date to an expensive restaurant last night. After three bottles of good wine, starters, main course and dessert, he thought he was definitely getting somewhere. The girl gets a phonecall, comes back to the table and announces: "That was my boyfriend - can he come and join us for a drink?"
That's gotta suck.

3) When you're blind sided
Thinking someone was beautiful and perfect no matter what they did to you. Leading me to Bitchy Ex Comment of the Day: "If you spent as much time on me as you do your pool pump sketches, perhaps I would've actually had an orgasm."


Stephanie said...


Peas on Toast said...

I know it actually hurts that he never gave me one. ;)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. can't help you with that
2. ouch
3. i'd have to give you two thumbs up on that comment

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Janie
1) It's ok. Bland story is better than no story
2) Ouch, for sure
3) I knew you'd like that comment! It might just be the meanest comment so far.

Paperslut said...

Sorry have been away for so long, just getting used to going back to college. Anyways, v cool about the man getting the new coldplay cd. He must be a man of good taste... :D

"If you spent as much time on me as you do your pool pump sketches, perhaps I would've actually had an orgasm."

Nettie said...

I, for one, have interesting shoplifter stories. Perhaps you just didn't get the right people.

zuzula said...

why is that always the way? the story you think is a sure fire hit turns out to be a damp squib... and the crappy story you've been putting off because you're sure it's a no go becomes the national exclusive!

and as for pool pumps... I have no words. Thank god for vibrators ;)