Friday, July 01, 2005

bargains galore

Wow what a stunning day! John the sales dude took me on a tour of all the Johannesburg Cash and Carry depots this morning.
This was great because:
1) It filled up Friday nicely
2) These are lower-income warehouses that supply stuff to other shops, therefore they are DIRT cheap
3) I bought a whole new kitchen for R215. ($30, 17 quid ??)
4) Wire racks, salad servers, a plunger, a tray, glasses, dishes, a silver belt (for my wardrobe, not my kitchen).
5) Also found a place that does wholesale beauty products. I bought Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, Clarins Bronzer and Clinique's Under Eye Treatment for R180. Hello?? I'm in heaven.

I'm off to the bowling club for some cheap drinks.
Cheap drinks, cosmetics, kitchenware.

God I love a good bargain.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i LOVE to shop, to me, it's not a hobby, it's an art form.
i love finding these warehouse sales, it's amazing what you can find when it's the end of the season clearance or discontinued items.

enjoy your drinks


Nettie said...

It's funny, I work in a mall, and I hardly ever go shopping. Probably because I tend to get carried away when I do.