Saturday, July 30, 2005

ant's antics

Third World Ant is going to Canada for two weeks. Vancouver to be exact. I’m super jealous, but strangely ecstatic for her at the same time. The thing with Third World Ant is that 1) She’s fab 2) Has great taste in jewellery and threads and 3) Writes tales of such descriptive impetus on her blog, that you wonder whether she’s dictaphoning you whilst in her company.

Take this for example (Cut and pasted off her blog just after the weekend) :

“Saturday went like this: haircut, 1 hour maths lesson with spoilt fat lazy girl in grade 6 – for which I charged a fat premium, of course - drag so-hungover-she’s-still-drunk friend from her misery (Laurian) and force her to drive me around Joburg in her new ultracool Beetle (accompanied by de rigeur Carpenters/Annie soundtrack/Nelly muzaq combo), we went for a jewellery shopping spree at cheap bead place, had tea in Melville, a beer in a pub over the last two minutes of the rugga (we won), then had a home-cooked meal with the boyf, Carfax in painful heels, Earl Grey on sofa talking shit for hours with friend who exposed her boob to my father.”

Wow, I’m so cool, I wish I was best friends with myself. Ant, remember that conversation we had about the Annie soundtrack being a “Go on tour, stay on tour” thing? No? Oh well.

(But in my defense: It’s Broadway people! You gotta love the whole Miss Hannigan vibe. Plus Annie makes orange curls look cool. But I detest; she is a brat, and her whole ‘Daddy Warbux’ thing is getting old. )

The sun’ll come out….tomorrow.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

bet your bottom dollar...

now i'm going to be singing that all day!!!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

..."that tomorrooooow, there'll be sun....when you stick in a day, that's grey, and loooonely, I just stick out my chin, and grin and sayyyyyyyy, ooooohhh"

Right. Sorry bout that.

jimmmer said...


shit, there it goes...

Third World Ant said...

Stop the madness, all of you!

Peas on Toast said...

Ant! THanks for coming to the party!
I sincerely hope you've blogged something on Vancouver so far!

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