Monday, August 01, 2005

sneaking away

Well I managed to fly under the radar just once in my life. I figured I share way too much with the world, so this is what I did on Friday afternoon:

7:30 am - Wake up. Wash face. Stuff clothes into a suitcase.

8:00 am - Put full suitcase into back of car.

8:30 am - Tell boss I have press conference to attend at 2:00pm.

1:00pm - Realise, with horror, that a work colleague is going to be where I am, when I'm supposed to be at said press conference.

2:00pm - drive to airport. On the way, airline phones me to tell me flight is delayed by three hours. Strike at airport strikes again.

3:00 pm - Arrive, put hat on as camouflage, because don't want to bump into colleague, although she is flying to Durban.

5:00pm - get onto standby flight.

5:15 pm - Not chosen. Get onto another standby flight.

6:00pm - I'm chosen! Yay! Fly to Cape Town.

8:00pm - Arrive in Cape Town. Spend weekend in Cape Town.

Monday morning - Did I just spend two days in Cape Town? Yes, I belive I did.

Cape Town, you must understand, is a gorgeous, gorgeous place. My extended family lives there, so it's pretty much m second home. I lives and studied there for 3 years. I just haven't been back for almost 18 months now.

Now I am a tourist, although I stay at my mum's place. I drive past old student haunts in my old student car and feel very nostalgic. I look at Table Mountain and have to agree: although Joburg is wonderful, vibey and eclectic - this place is freaking beuatiful. I had breakfast on Long Street - possibly the most incredible street in the world - I went to watch jazz on it later, and have a tin roof milkshake at Mr Pickwick's. I watched seals play at the Waterfront, I drank Earl Grey on Kloof, and I realised that Cape Town is a closed chapter. Everyone's moved on - to London and Joburg mainly - it was a different life, a different pace and I am happy where I am. Although, I'd love to live there again someday.

Things are so much slower there: I didn't hear one noise - not one hooter, siren, bird, nothing until 10:00am on Saturday morning. It's bizarre.

I also saw my dad. Who's dating some STRANGE cookie. But let's not go there.

See you in December Cape Town.


Stephanie said...

Did you take any pictures? Sounds heavenly. :)

I know all about fathers dating oddballs. Better not go there. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Steph, I did take photos, and wanted to put a stunner up this morning but won't load onto Flickr - will try again soon, because I really want it up.

So your dad has oddball taste too, huh?
I simply do not understand it...

A Fork said...

Loving the "wear a hat" disguise :) Quality subterfuge :D

Stephanie said...

Yeah. I met her for the first time when I went home last and she was overly familiar with me which pissed me off. Plus my mom is way cooler, but thats just me being bitchy.. :)

Looking forward to seeing the piccies.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

it's so great when you can go back somewhere and see it for everything it really is, sometimes when you actually live there, you don't notice what a great place it is, hope you post some pics, it sounds wonderful. and i love earl grey too!