Thursday, July 21, 2005

food industry woes

I've been at my job for almost three months now. And so far, so good.

The writing and researching part is good. The copious amounts of food is bad.

Besides the cocktail parties and other media functions involving buffets and giant finger food platters, it just doesn't stop.

We get delivered, by fodey companies, new food products every day. Like chocolates, sauces, drinks, sweets, it doesn't end. We scoff.
Yesterday I got free toothpaste and shampoo and I was relieved.

We are coordinating a trade show - food trade show, that is - next week and we are entitles to eat as many pies, ice creams, sodas and cakes as we like apparently.

I am going to turn into a butter ball any minute. And things are finally going great with Steve - but now I might squash him if I roll over.

Right. Off to cake baking contest, where I get to take home three large cakes. Shit.


zuzula said...

yum - save a large slice for me please!

and thanks SO MUCH for the freelance advice. Really appreciate it - I have a lot of thinking to do! My ideal situation is to basically carry on writing for the people i already write for... but earn four times as much for doing it!

Blog ho said...

writing for the sex industry might pay better .. dividends.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you're having a baking contest and you didn't invite me!!!!!!!!!!!!