Wednesday, July 20, 2005

new car

Read about woollen dongs in Australia on if you bored or slightly interested.

So I've finally found a new car. A new VW 2001 beetle bug. Not red, but white with plush black leather interior. It's gorgeous, and I can't believe I actually bought it. And it's being delivered at my work today. How excited am I???

Thing is, although I drive a crappy car right now, I feel pretty bad. I've grown attached to my little golf cart over the years: we've been together through thick and thin - done trips to Cape Town together, chaperoned me to parties, had the brake pads fall out on me on the M1 South, we've done alot over the last 3 years.
Now I have to say goodbye.

I know that Bruno my Uno is feeling rejected. I can just feel it. I also reckon he's going to be used for spare parts, so will probably be a chop-shop taxi tomorrow.

'Ludwig', my new German car is replacing my Italian stallion.
So to Bruno: Thanks for all the delayed braking, low petrol consumption and for making it up Northcliff hill for sundowners.
You're the best. May your new owner wash you more than I did.

Now bring on Ludwig.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

sounds like these men in your life can be depended upon. think of bruno as going into retirement, along with many other great guy cars

Peas on Toast said...

Yeah, these men can actually be depended on.
The guys at the motor dealership can't though. They have decided that 'Ludwig', the bettle, should suddenly have his ball bearings changed. I was meant to have the car by now. Only 48 hours later, I might just have it.

Once again - who's to blame? Men of course.

Blog ho said...

i'll miss the old guy. but i love the new vws. is it convertable?

Binsk said...

Ludwig huh? Cool. :)

Jon said...

I hate to spoil a joke, but that place in Oz is called Wollongong (pronounced Woollen Gong), not Woollendong, lol. I know, I have relatives there...

Although woollen dong may be more accurate if reports of sheep-shagging are to be believed :D

Peas on Toast said...

Ho - no unfortunately not a convertible, but great nevertheless:)

Binsk - Ludwig just seemed perfect, don't you think?

Jon - Due apologies mate. You may be right.

zuzula said...

You'll have to get some new bling to go with the new car! :)

Peas on Toast said...

Ooh Zuzula, you read my mind girlfriend.

I, um, have a set of red fuzzy dice, to hang from the rearview....

Perhaps I can add a furry dashboard and huge shiny stones to the interior ;)

zuzula said...

absolutely! and maybe some kind of diamond encrusted GPS (kidding!)