Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ghetto tour

I'm going to a township tomorrow for work. This is BIG stuff, and I am so excited.

When you have grown up as a white person in South Africa, you were generally lucky enough to live where ever you wanted to - in any suburb, and usually in a house, or an equally substantial structure. lthogh apartheid is long gone, the townships remain. IN fact, now they are quite chic. THey do tourist tours of Soweto and Guguletu all the time, but I've never been to a REAL township, so I'm just as much of a tourist than anybody. In fact, all white South Africans are tourists to these places, because they are pretty dangerous to visit. It's probably the same sort of thing as Harlem is to white New Yorkers.

We are doing a story on a store in Atteridgeville tomorrow. This place is your average sort of ghetto/township - tin shacks, hawkers, dust roads, etc etc. I cannot go and wait to see it. My eyes are going to be on stalks. Will post pictures too.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

enjoy your tour, don't really understand what this township is all about though, i guess growing up white in canada has something to do with that too

Binsk said...

Have fun!

My mom lived in South Africa when she was young...did I tell you that already???

She used to say "humba chicha!" to us when she wanted us to get out of her means "Get out of here" I think. :)

Nettie said...

Sounds exciting! Do be careful, though (I know, I know, I'm the little worrier)...