Thursday, July 07, 2005

oooooooh! oooh! excitement wobble!

I have found my car. Now that I have my retrenchment package, I'm trading in my golf cart with gears and buying this:

Audi A3 1.8 turbo. Blue grey/gunmetal, black leather, 70 000km, full service history, freeway plan, ABS, sunroof (I'm a rockstar!), 10 CD shuttle (I'm Jim Morrison!), PHONE. It has a PHONE. Inside. Inside the CAR. A phone! R139 000.

I'm going to see it today with a mate who knows stuff about CV joints, etc and I'm buying it. My name cannot be written bold enough on this baby.

It's mine, it's mine.

I am so excited, I hope I don't wet myself or do something incredibly... female.
Better take those fuzzy dice out my car. Might drop the value by a little...:)


Third World Ant said...

Dood, sweet! Enjoy your new baby - she'll (or he'll? what's it's name?) have a new friend soon - I wanna get me the car everyone loves to hate: the Renault Megane. those babies are hot hot hot. hot.

Paperslut said...

V cool! Congrats! 10 cd shuffle.... sweeet.

I cannot stress enough the importance of playing loud music in a car like that. Really. Have it, flaunt it.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...


Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys!

It is sweet: gonna cost me an arm and a leg in insurance and monthly repayments, meaning I may starve...but hey, at least I'll look good.

I'm getting really scared.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you don't need to eat, get your bf to take you for for dinner and lunch (order extra, bring home a doggie bag)

Binsk said...

Awesooooooooooome :)