Monday, August 08, 2005

80s party

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Well, as you can tell, I looked hideous.

And as a result, I felt wonderful. I went out after the party dressed up like this. THat's right, I went to a pub. A public place. I wasn't flirted with once, people came to congratulate me for having such balls to go out in my 80s outfit, so generally a lovely night.

Not so lovely was Friday evening.
1) WAs forced to kiss the ex hello. ("Ah, how about a kiss at least?")
2) Generally not comfortable after that, he makes me so sad and my blood boil.
3) Worse still, is that lately I'm having terrible dreams about the guy. I don't know why now, we are totally over and everything. But for two weeks now, I wake up in a cold sweat, completely anxious, as he is always in my dreams and somehow it's always a horrible dream.
4) It's a public holiday tomorrow. Yay!


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i had an outfit almost exactly like that, only it was a one piece jumpsuit the colour of your top, but it had the same type of belt.

zuzula said...

looking good! did we really used to wear that stuff?!

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - OMG!!! It sounds about as *lovely* as my outfit. Charity shops rule!

Zuzula - I know. People must've been smoking a whole lotta crack in the 80s, because they thought it looked beautiful. I had loads of fun in it though - especially later when I went to the pub. The comments should've been documented! :)

Ed Abbey said...

I looked at your picture and after awhile, I realized what it was missing, big 80's hair!

Peas on Toast said...

Ed-true. I didn't tease it or crimp it - however, however! I did sport a side ponytail. Which is pretty revolting in itself...:)

A Fork said...

LC's 80's clobber, inspired at the least!
On entering the pub though frivolity ceased,
For the ex it seems still has power to cause,
LC's high spirits to fall to the floor,
To her I would say to forget the nightmares,
And have a 70s party and wear some mad flares!

Binsk said...

You look adorable!!

Have a nice holiday tomorrow :)

And exes are always hard to deal with. We should send them all to a desert island or something.

No-L said...

I love the outfit, great poofy shoulders, legwarmers and heels. I can't believe we used to dress like that.

Blog ho said...

now i miss the 80s.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i had the big hair thing going too, seems like just yesterday. but some reason i always thought i looked good

Nettie said...

Luckily, I missed the whole '80's big hair thing. Instead, I can look at pictures of my sister's and laugh.