Saturday, August 06, 2005

10 friday thoughts

1) I am still hungover from Wednesday.

2) I love Desperate Housewives. Felicity Huffman, the blonde mom used to be my favourite, until last night. She had a wobble when Bree smacked her child, which quite frnakly is what he needs - a bloody good hiding. Bree is now officially my favourite.

3) I'm going to an 80s party tomorrow. The 80s is one shit hot era. Therefore I am going big: big hair, big shoulder pads, big belt, big attitude. I'll pop into the hospice shop during lunch and buy some real Jane Fonda classics.

4) I'm going to the bowling club after work. While my friends drink vodka, I'll drink Earl Grey tea. The party animal in me has retired for the moment.

5) Man I'd love to see Warsaw.

6) I need to rewrite the article I wrote yesterday because it is so crap: it took five hours to write one paragraph in my state, and it certainly shows.

7) I counted last night: I have 83 pairs of shoes. Out of control.

8) The boss is taking us out for lunch becuase it's his birthday. Bring it on.

9) I saw an old peer from school the other night. She was one of the 'cooler' chicks, who added a fair amount of cocaine into her daily regimine as a rule. She now works at the hairdressers and has a mullet. A bona fide business-in-the-front-party-at-the-back mullet. And she seemed to have missed her eyelid when it came to the mascara, as it was smeared all the way down her cheek. Ah, retribution.

10)...not that I was behaving any better than she. Shlurring and gulping vodka tonics like it was my last night on Earth....


A Fork said...

You are so cool LC :)

But Earl Grey? On a Friday night?

And 83 pairs of shoes?

LC is the coolest South African girl
And the 80s it seems rocks her world
I'm hoping her Friday will keep her amused
And the bowling club don't lose her shoes

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Jon, you're pretty cool yourself dear!

I know 83 pairs of shoes is pretty ridiculous...I was pretty ashamed for a while, then I got over it.

And you're right, I'm sure afterone cuppa Earl I'll get back on the wagon...

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. that's ok, it's only friday
2. i've been watching reruns and just starting to really get into it, i don't have a favorite yet, i don't think i've seen that episode
3. love the 80's, i actually lived them!
4. ummm, sure, keep telling yourself that
5. me too!
6. i'm sure it's not as bad as you think
7. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you need to line them up, take a pic and show everyone, try and squeeze your purses in there too
8. birthdays equal no calories, remember that when you're ordering
9. hahahahahahahaha
10. vodka is my drink of choice, with ice tea though
have a great weekend!

Ed Abbey said...

My wife started watching that show and out of bordom and not having a second television, I did too. Not very guy like to say but it just kept getting better as the season went on. By the time second season starts in a few weeks, I may actually watch it on my own accord.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - vodka it may just be. I'm warming more to the thought as the day goes on.

ED - Steve is the same. Now he's starting to watch it on his own. These hot middle aged housewives....;)

Binsk said...

"Shlurring and gulping vodka tonics like it was my last night on Earth...."

Ha ha! Don't sweat it Laurian.

And wow is right to 83 pairs of shoes...where do you put them all? I don't think my closet would hold 83 pairs of shoes.

zuzula said...

83 pairs of shoes? that is truly awesome. well done you!