Thursday, August 04, 2005

how to stop worrying

I've had this problem for as long as I can remember. I attribute it to being a Virgo and for getting my mother's genes.

I am a compulsive worrier.

So waiting for my flight back to JHB, I bought Allen Carr's (the smoking guy) "The Easy Way to Stop Worrying." I won't say I was completely transformed into a lax, who-gives-a-shit- individual, but I've stressed a lot less in the last two days.

Basically, this is what he reckons:

1) Animals in the wild don't worry about being eaten by a lion five days before it happens. So worrying is an unnatural state of mind.

2) We have been brainwashed to worry.

3) To stop worrying, you need to be prepared.

4) If you don't have an immediate plan of action, think of the worst case scenario: is it really a disaster?

5) Don't cry over spilt milk

6) Pay your taxes (this is a contentious issue), exercise. so many words.

I'm testing it out. I've called a meeting with my boss to discuss things I am not happy about. Bold move for me, I hate confrontation. I am not worrying about it. In fact, I'm embracing it. (I may start shitting myself later when it nears 3 o' clock)


Stephanie said...

Good luck!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i don't know if anyone has ever told you this or not, but you're going to make a great mother, now stop worrying about what i've just said, and have a great day!

Ed Abbey said...

Never been a worrier myself. I pretty much believe that what happens happens and just deal with it along the way.

I would comment more but I'm worried that I left the stove on over at my blog and I got to go.

A Fork said...

Good luck!

How about another rubbish poem to bolster your bravado?

Being a Virgo LC was quite stressy,
Til reading a book made her worry much lessy,
A meeting she called to converse with her boss,
But surprisingly LC did not give a toss

Hope it goes OK for ya :)

Peas on Toast said...

Jon - dude, you're too cool. LOVE the peom. It's my mantra for today!

Janie - Nope, no one has told me that. But know this: my kids are going to be so shit hot cool, it's scary.

ED - hows that stove dear?

Steph - Ta. I hope my newly found unworrisome confidence doesn't backfire on me...

Blog ho said...

take a gun. it's what i do to reduce worry.