Friday, August 05, 2005

well that was a stupid move... going out on a Wednesday night and getting completely palookered.

Good grief. It feels as though Ghandi left his slip slop in my mouth and/or a camel shat in my head.

OK, so here are the criteria to sort of justify why the Jolly Roger got a little rowdy:

1)The ex was there. He's still looking beuatiful. And he was with some bautiful blonde. So I quenched my lust and longing and sadness away.
2) My varsity nemesis, who I haven't seen in 4 years, has somehow found her way to Joburg. She actually fucking lives here now. I was drunk, sso down went the guard and I was very friendly. I think she thought I was mad. She's not half wrong.
3) Emma was buying me vodka shots. And a lot of them.
4) Greg was buying me tequila.
5) Tim, the ex's best friend, was just groping my ass.

Oh the joys.

On the way to work, I stopped into the store and bought aspirin, a coke, a fruit juice, a pie, biltong. I am feeling so foul right now. I'm sure the odourous liquor oozing from my pores smells pretty foul too.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i love how you are able to come up with some of these interesting words you use, even though your head is pounding, enjoy your aspirin, sounds like it was worth it!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie dear. I think I'm still drunk. Although very uncomfotable, I'm managing to be rather creative this morning.

And everything is funny.

Except the pounding head.

Ed Abbey said...

It a biltong Joburg slang for a joint? The sweet smell of maryjane just might kill the sour smell of morning alcohol breath.

zuzula said...

I'm sharing your pain.


at what point did wednesday become the new thursday (which as we all know is the new friday)?

A Fork said...

Ouch! We've all been there!

Guess what...a poem follows!

LC went out, but not to get pissed
Til she saw her ex with some dodgy blonde bitch
The alcohol flowed and LC got groped
Today she awoke and thought "How'll I cope?"
The answer I fear was always in sight
You shouldn't go drinking on Wednesday nights!

Hope your head clears! :)

Peas on Toast said...

Ed - sadly not. That would've knocked me flat. Biltong is like beef jerkey, but so much better!

Zuzula - read your post and don't know whether to weep or laugh. I'm not normally a Wednesday night girl. Now I know why.

Jon - dude, you have convinced me that you are a genius. So keeping all your poems.

A Fork said...

Aw bless ya LC. I wish I were a genius. Then again maybe I don't. People would expect me to invent things or something. That'd never do :)

Peas on Toast said...

...or just come up with awesome poetry that makes my bleary, hungover day so much better :)

A Fork said...

Speaking of how is the noggin now?

LC's day crawls slow as a snail
Her head might be sore and in pain
And though this shows us the dangers of ale
Come Friday she'll do it again

Peas on Toast said...

Noggin not good.

But Touche about FRiday!

jimmmer said...

I felt like that sunday morning. was very stupid to arrange an early morning meeting (so i had the rest of the day free). what a mistake.

i, too, bought pies, a coke, and drove, still drunk from the night before.

worst thing ever! (after farting while someone goes down on you. that's worse.)

A Fork said...

Poor LC! You'll have to get Steve to make you tea and tuck you up early. Unless he comes back with the "It was your own fault" line. I hate it when partners do that.

Oh and the Friday thing, well, I speak from experience, lol

Binsk said...

I buy all of those things when I am hungover too except biltong because I don't know what it is. ;)