Friday, August 19, 2005

oh the childish banter

I did the mid-week piss up again. Do we EVER learn? I'm sitting shivering at my desk, hugging a giant Coke-a-Cola and contemplating the events that occured not more than 6 hours ago:

1) Too much jagermeister
2) My red hooker lipstick ended up on everybody's faces, including Nick's and Tim's.
3) Tim wedgied Nick so bad, he lietrally snapped his jock strap.
4) As a result, Nick's jocks are hanging from a flagpole on 4th Avenue.
5) I saw the fellow school peer with the mullet again.
6) Apparently I would make a great Qantas air hostess called...Tracie.
7) Louise kissed Nick.
8) Then she got sick in the bathroom.
9) Then Nick drove her home
10) Who's this supposed Ex of mine? And why is he hopelessly and utterly in love with me?
11) jagermeister sure gives me gas.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

well, i'll leave you this comment in a whisper, cuz you're head is probably pounding, cheers to you and your coke and have a great day!

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie - my boyfriend left me two aspirin by my bed this morning, what a sweetheart, so am feeling a lot being than anticipated.

Still, this was stupidly self-inflicted, so the show must roll on...:)

jimmmer said...

It's so bizarre. I say it every morning:


Tonight's my turn. Wish me luck!

Peas on Toast said...

Jimmmer-Us human beings don't seem to learn anything from self-inflicted pain, do we?

Good luck for tonight dear, have a ripper!
(I'll be on the couch watching Desperate Housewives...)

Blog ho said...

self inflicted is the best way

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Peas on Toast said...

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Thanks guys. Should I ever get the urge to use algaecide on my zits or perhaps drink Coke at the GRand Canyon, I'll be usre to run it past you first ;)

Ed Abbey said...

I've seen a lot of these lately and I think they must unfortunately be the next wave in spam. I wish I could send email nukes.

karla said...

I learned about the Jaegermeister-gas connection when I went to Mardi Gras. I figured I'd drink nothing but Jaeger shots because it's all but impossible to find a place to pee there, and I figured I'd just reduce the liquid volume I drank but still maintain the alcohol percentage I took in. Genius. But then, yeah, the gas. Oops.

ishraq said...

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brockbron said...