Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Running on empty

So I'm a part-time student. I've started a photography course which runs on Saturday mornings. The ENTIRE Saturday morning mind you, smelling the chemicals of the dark room. Since I had rather a large one on Friday comprising of:

1) Pole dancing around a tabel, using said table stand as my pole,
2) Having a loud argument with the ex that went something like,
He: "Stop mocking people L, you're always ripping people off."
Me: (Wha-at?)"Oh yeah??...Well, Why is your nose so red??"
Bad comeback, although he self-consciously rubbed at his nose.
3) Landing in a pile on the floor, almost dragging the table down with us with three of my most hazardous friends
4) Wearing boob-revealing top, meaning that said boobs were poking out everywhere, plus a bipple stand that you could cut diamonds with
5) Drunken stupor. Stupid drunk. Whatever.

I had to then sit at sparrows fart in the morning for four hours and talk about camera apertures and depths of field. Oooh it was hell.
How can they make four hour long lectures on a Saturday?? So wrong. Sooooo wrong.


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November Rain said...

I could be wrong Laurian (and I am sorry if I step on anyones toes) but these comments are almost like spam
mind you it isnt from the infamous annoy er I mean Anonymous said...
but still why come to a blog and have 1 line how great your blog is and then spam you with thier blog stuff...
Notice I didnt do that but you found mine didnt you
(she can click your name and if she wants to visit she will)

I think this is just thier way of spamming thier blog sites

Did they even read your blog because I see no real comment..

oh well Laurian hope you didnt hurt yourself falling of the table
btw I did the purse thingy and left a link for you to find it quickly in the post with your bag :)

Now you can see why my hubby says ask novy she carries everything including the sink LOL

Happy Monday

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much Novy! I saw your link and was very flattered! I will check out your site again today.

This blog spam stuff is getting really annoying...

November Rain said...

yes it is annoying I mean come on its really sad for them to do that

Stephanie said...

Ouch!! Sounds like a good night. ;)

Looking forward to seeing some of your pictures. If I had the time and talen I would love to do a course like that.

Peas on Toast said...

Twas a great night Steph. PIty that I was so drunk I couldn't come up with a decent comeback to my foul. foul. foul. ex. Pah!
And I can't wait to start developing my own pics for photography-we have to have eight 'perfect' pics by the end for an exhibition...hectic stuff!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hey, if you want to get ride of your spam, check with nettie, she has instructions, she posted them at darlene's, go to my page, click on darlene's name, she posted them on a friday, about a week ago.

as for table dancing on a friday night, why did you sign up for a course on a saturday morning? prioritites

Peas on Toast said...

Cool Janie, will check.

I had no choice to do it Saturdays because it's part-time. Other options are after work on weekdays. aargh, not after work thanks, when I'm all grumpy. Although it may be better than Saturday....
Because pole dancing from tables on a friday is my thing, see.:)

Ed Abbey said...

All you have to do is go into your blog settings under comments and turn on word verification. Stopped all spam on my blog dead in its tracks.

By the way, I like your blog, come check out my blog on cures for the common hangover!

jimmmer said...

Seems like I'm always one night behind you. Saturday was a BIGGIE for me!

Still hurting today.

Peas on Toast said...

Ed - While you've got cures for the common hangover, I've got cures on how to get there in the first place. So I'm the link you need in your spam chain. Better start kissing my ass. :)

Jimmmer - dude, I totally hear you. As I get older, the longer it takes for me to recover. Monday has never been so dreary.