Friday, August 12, 2005


Why? Why? Why?
- Why am I not getting the 'writing style' of my new job?
- Why is the one thing I supposedly know how to do jeopardising my job?
- Why is it that although I love my job I'm not succeeding, while others who hate their jobs get promoted?
- Why is it that I know I'm not going to be able to 'learn' their style in 2 months?
- Why am I such a fucking failure?
- Why is it I'm going to have to sell my new car because I may not have a job in two months?
- Why is it the harder I try the worse it all becomes?

Options if I get sacked in two months:

1) Give up writing. It's obviously not working for me.
2) Go overseas. I've had it with Joburg.
3) Go and live off the coast of Nicaragua, and work in menial laundry/cashier/burger flipping jobs.
4) Go back and work in a ski resort and never come back.
5) Learn a new skill, because I can't write. Like HR or something like that.
6) Stop kidding myself.
7) Use the money from having to sell my car to backpack around Chile/do the Inca trail.
8) Then try and get a visa for America.
9) Get hynotised today and ask the hypnotist to somehow make me a good writer.
10) Do Eastern Europe and maybe teach English there?
11) Hope that this nightmare will go away?


zuzula said...

wait.... what's going on here? of course you can write!

A Fork said...

I know I usually chime in with a daft poem, but not today. What are they on about? Seems to me you can write perfectly well! What kind of half-assed "style" are they looking for anyway?

Keep smiling LC :)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

my oldest daughter almost failed a course last year because of her writing style, the prof didn't like the way she wrote, she spent the better part of the year trying to figure out how to write something that he would like and wound up with a mark of somewhere in the 50's. if you have to, you can adapt.

here's my question of the day to you, why are you so hard on yourself

Ed Abbey said...

From what I have experienced, those who can't write for a magazine, go to work for a newspaper or worst case, write a book. I don't know what is beneath that, perhaps restaurant menus?

jimmmer said...

Don't give up. Things'll work out fine.

Go get hammered, it'll be better quicker!

Nettie said...

Not Ludwig, anybody but Ludwig, I know you can do it!

jimmmer said...

She's right, you can't let him go.

Fight the fight sister.