Thursday, September 08, 2005

If there is one thing I haven't mastered...'s the ability to put on a plastic face, be fake and pretend I am something I am not. I've tried. It only worked for one hour.

I know someone that has done it her whole life.

A good freind of mine recently got back together with his ex-girlfriend, much to everyone's horror. She's as plastic as can be -I've known her for three years, but don't know her any better from the first day I met her.

Last night we had dinner with them. It was so awful I'd rather have had my toenails taken out one by one. I haven't seen this girl since March this year. My friend and her had a nasty break up. She basically screwed him for a lot of cash, half a house, has alcoholic issues and basically causes a scene wherever she goes. Like at that engagement party I went to where she starting swearing at my friend loudly in front of all the guests. That type of stuff.

I see her last night because I had to. She first bums a cigarette from me, in a nonchalant manner of , "Oh hi, oh may I bum a smoke Lori-Loo?"
OK so as not to appear nasty, I handed one over. Two, three. She spoke to me like things were normal, like we were best friends but never see each other. It's wierd. Bizarre. Then as we are sitting at the table, she starts recounting a story about something that happened to her. I'm gobsmacked: it was totally my story and it happened to me! Is she that empty that she needs to steal other people's stories? Fuckin hell!

And to make it worse, everyone else at the table seemed to be lapping it up. Am I the only one here that can see through all this bullshit?? A week ago everyone was bitching and moaning about how she manipulates every situation and how our friend has changed since they've been together, but yet act as though everything is JUST FUCKING FINE when she's around! What gives??

Why is the world such a false and plastic place?? I so don't fit in.


zuzula said...

but do you want to fit in with people like that? That would have driven me mad! I bet you were tempted to stand up in front of everyone and say 'actually I think you'll find that happened to me, not you!'

Stephanie said...

She'll get uncovered sooner or later. I just feel sorry for your friend, she seems like a right little basket case. Glad you are just the way you are. :)

Peas on Toast said...

Z-thanks mate. No and I wouldnt want to be like that at all. It's so fickle, and it really rubs me up the wrong way. I cant believe I didnt stand up and say that! Had a had another gin and tonic I totally wouldve! Always a next time, Im sure.

Steph - She is a bloody basket case and she's driving me MAD! But what can I do? I have to be somewhat supportive for the sake of my friend, but I'm finding it really really hard. Perhaps I should just blow her out the water, but then I'll be the bad guy. This is a no win situation :(

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

sounds like she doesn't know who she is so she has to try and be someone she's not. i'm in my 40's and i know people that have been like that all of their life, you can see it, you know their phonies. it's like they're afraid to let anyone see who they really are. you on the other hand, have enough confidence in yourself to allow people to see who you are and share yourself with them. why can't you say something to her? i don't see how that makes you a bad person.

Ed Abbey said...

Alright already. I admit that I have had on a plastic face. I am actually 82% evil.

She of the handbag said...

I can't believe how brazen she is to tell your story in front of you!

It is frustrating sometimes when people bitch about someone but are then nice to their faces - maybe your friends are doing it so they don't upset your friend now he's back together with psycho or maybe they just don't want to rock the boat?

Next time I reckon just announce loudly halfway through her ramblings "Oh really, how bizarre? That is exactly what happened to me! How strange that the exact same thing happened to you to"

*pointed look with one raised eyebrow*

Jobs a good'un;)

The Toothfairy said...

she's obviously very insecure if she feels she needs to seek attention in such a way.

you wou;d've thought she'd have covered her tracks a little better tho, wouldnt u? I mean, telling you the story that happened to you?

Nettie said...

I think your inability to put on such a mask is a blessing in disguise, actually.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys for all your kind comments.

It' tough because I don't really know what to do. Mabe things will work themselves out, who knows?