Thursday, September 08, 2005

Still bothering me

It's like a fly stuck between the two hemispheres of my brain. Plastic Lady and Down-to-Earth friend, as stated in the previous post.

What do I do?

Because Friend is mad with me for being 'offy' to his plastic companion. What the hell do I do?

- Do I make a solid effort to put on a brave smiling face and be nice to this little cow that has totally lost the plot?

or - Do I stick to my guns and be myself?

I wrote Friend an e-mail explaining my harsh behaviour. I wonder how he'll take it. I also apologised for not being able to mask my utter resentment for this female.

THis is sooo crap.


A Fork said...

LC's in a quandary with her bloke friend's flame
And he can't see LC's point of view
But to be honest myself I couldn't blame
Her for wanting to beat her with shoes

Hello you :) I know it's probably massively annoying but the best option is probably just to grit your teeth and put up with the annoying plastic girlfriend until he realises for himself...

Keep smiling LC :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Fork - you've nailed it on the head. You're right, I'm going to have to be nice. arrrgh!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i think you talk to your friend and explain how you feel, a friend will listen to you and understand, BUT if your friend wants you to make an effort to like the gf, because he wants the two of you to get along, you are probably going to have to put on your plastic face, for his friendship. sometimes you have to give up a part of yourself for the sake of a friendship, and hope they'll return the same consideration towards you as well.

zuzula said...

psycho girlfriends never last. He'll see the light soon hon, don't worry. Last time our flatmate hooked up with one of those we banned her from the flat until he'd come to his senses ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Banned her from the flat eh?? I like the sound of that Zuzula.

If that doesn't work, then I'm going to have a buy a mask with a smiley face on it. At least it'll only cost 19.99, not my dignity.

zuzula said...

yeah... I've never met anyone like this woman. In the three months she was dating my friend she pretended she was a) pregnant then b) had herpes then c) wrote to MY boss asking to apply for MY job!

Grade A nutter, that one ;)

November Rain said...

rather than commenting 2 x I am posting about this and the last post:

that is horrible I mean
for 28 years I was clay (not plasitic) in otherwords I wasnt me I was what everyone wanted me to be and I could be me because I didnt know who I was
but what she is doing WOW I guess
I cant say I ever met a plastic person but I think it is sad
everyting she did is sad
telling your story in front of you?

Laurian you are not a bad person and I cant stand people that bitxh and complain about someone and then when they are there turn into happy to see you

If you dont like a person when they arent around thern to not be fakey smiles and false friendly when they are isnt wrong or a failing

its a good thing that you see her for what she is and that you you choose to be polite but not pretend all is okay

yes you have to be nice but if your friend is a true friend then he will understand that you just dont like her
and as a friend you will have to be polite but dont be fake always be honest and true to yourself

ask him would you want me to be fake
or do you want me to always be honest
honesty is the mark of a true friend

of course this is just my opinion but think about this
if you become like her to apease him will you be able to look in the mirror if the answer is no then it isnt something you should do
even if it means loosing a friend

why? simple you can lie to anyone but the one that is in the mirror you can fake out anyone but the one in the mirror
I mean when I have to go to court or I just read someone who faked at work (toothfairy) but I think this is a more grin and bare it do because you have to but without loosing yourself
if you can do that for your friend great but dont loose yourself and become plastic
you don't like her and you have that right

in tooth post she didnt grin and flip her hair and say oh yes I just do love my job she said I do?
(hint of sarcasim in there)
polite she did her job but she still retains her identity

me I go to court I have to sit and hear a man I hate tell lies about me
I want to yell at him that he is a liar or sometimes burst into tears

but any emotional reaction gives his abusive nature satisfaction and hurts my case in court so
I do what I can to keep my resolve
bite my tongue but I dont become a victim

now you have a friend who is with someone you know is wrong (think we have been all there I know I have my friend found out the guy was messing aorund) now m friend needs to talk I listen but I am his friend not this other person

and same with you plastic girl isnt YOUR friend

we cant choose family we can choose fiends
and a true friend would understand that