Thursday, September 15, 2005

JFK=Just F£$%king Kool

Well, THAT's halarious.

Never seen it. Is it good? :)


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i've got to come back and do these tests, i had the option of a lot of questions, that's the one i want to do, and i'm on kid duty right now, grrrrr and have to spend the better part of the day helping out at my daughter's school as well, grrrrr, DON'T HAVE KIDS, no time to yourself!!!!!!
anyway, have a great day, i'll be back later.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie-you know, funny you say 'don't have kids.' I've been pondering over that for a while now, had a chat to Steve last night (whose looking after his kid brother, and as a reuslt, suddenly has no life) and I have decided that I really actually don't want to have kids. At all.
Besides the endless crying, the labour pains, the college education, all that, it appeals to me about as much as eating raw fish eyes.
All my friends are broody, I am not at all. If I do have children, it had better be in a long, long time!

Ed Abbey said...

Can someone be like Ghandi and be like the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark at the same time? I guess I am. I am a moral loving die hard adventurer.

Peas on Toast said...

Ed-that's pretty cool actually! My movie and world leader basically suggest that I'm a man-eating sex loving fame-wanting power struggling femme fatale...

(Hey, that sounds rather like Marilyn Monroe come to think of it...bring it on!)

November Rain said...

yeah I would have loved to be ghandi
I ended up sunset (same as LC ) and Bill Clinton

maybe I didnt answer some questions right because it could have been take 2 ways
like you are kind to get close to others
I am kind to be kind not to get anyting
but does it count that I am not kind because I said inaccurate

Nettie said...

I've never heard of Sunset Boulevard, but the JFK part is amusin.

Blog ho said...

sorry i'm late. happy bday. did you get my flowers?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i'm back, i got gandi and mr. smith goes to washington!
as for kids, it's not for everyone, if you ever need someone to talk you out of having kids, i can certainly do that, but at the same time, i can also be the one to convince you as well. and when i say i have no time to myself, i'm not kidding!

Peas on Toast said...

Ho-I totally did, thanks. Beauddies. On my doorstep :)