Thursday, September 15, 2005

my mother dispelled me from her womb 25 years ago

...and I'm feeling a little old to tell you the truth.

In true groupie style, a bunch of us watched The Castle (again!) last night, had some wine and talked politics. Like, imagine if South Africa went into war (possible about 20 years ago, during our State of Emergency in Apartheid's darkest days), and the boys had to fight? They'd be fighting for oppression, so what if they didn't want to do it? Well it happened: my dad nearly got jailed for refusing to fight for oppression in Angola and Mozambique, Nick's brother got jailed twice. I suppose most Americans are going through this right now. Deeeep stuff.
I've got some awesome stuff from my friends. Third World Ant made me a stunning vase, from scratch, with mosaic all over it. It's beautiful.

Then I came up with a tag idea (since I love it so much): What songs are on your 25 Most Played on your iPod right now? Mine are: (and beware the cheese)
Staring at The Sun - Rooster
Beverly Hills Cop - Theme Song (See? Told you)
N Dey Say - Nelly (And again)
Boogie That Be - Black Eyed Peas
Millionaire - Andre 3000/Kelis
Good Souls - Starsailor
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad - Def Leppard
Drinking in L.A. - Bran Van 3000
By the River - Groove Armada
Candy - Ash
Numb - U2
Give it Away - Deepest Blue
Drop the Pressure - Mylo
Sunday Morning - Maroon Five
This is the Last Time - Keane
Believe - Chemical Brothers
Four to the Floor - Starsailor
Shuddup and Sleep With Me - ? (I know, but ity's great to play in traffic, ok!)
What the World Needs Now - Burt to the B Bacharach
Tits on the Radio - Scissor Sisters
Somewhere We Only Know - Keane
How Come - D12
Sunshine - Jay Z
Must Get Out - Maroon Five
How to Be Dead - Snow Patrol

And there you have it. Steph, since you're the song guru :) I tag you next!


Stephanie said...

Dearest Laurian,

Happy Birthday!!!! *massive hug* You feel old at 25??? You are just a spring chick. Enjoy it!


PS I will do your 25 Most Played thing but I am thick and don't know where to get the statistics from. Help?

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks hon!
It's on your iPod under 'Playlists'. Go to 'Music' then 'Playlists' then '25 Most Played Songs', its a compulsory playlist on your iPod. There is also 'Recently Played' but that can have anything from 2 songs to 2000 songs on that on depending.

Stephanie said...

Muchos gracias, birthday girl!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm going to bake cupcakes over here to celebrate with my kids tonight, (we love any excuse for cupcakes, birthday ones have no calories;))
i don't have an i-pod, but i actually have that maroon five disc in my car right now, i'm not in my car, but it's in my car.
hope you have an AMAZING day, birthday hugs and kisses!

Peas on Toast said...

Aw thanks Janie!
I'll take you up on the cupcake thing-to prove it, I'm going to need some pictures :)

So far a styling day, so very happy.
And now that I'm 25, my car insurance premium comes down. Yeeeha!

jimmmer said...

D12, Def Leppard and Snow Patrol in the same list?

Def Leppard needs to go. Fast.

jimmmer said...

Oh yes,


Peas on Toast said...

Jimmmer dude - you know how many times I'll drive home from the pub after a couple of toots (but enough to be able to actually drive of course), put on a little Deffy, crank it up and sing like beeyutch??
It's therapy mate, puuuure solid sound therapy :)
(But admittedly, it drives most people bananas, even though I think this shit is bananas :)

Christopher said...

Happy Birthday!

My life really kicked off at 25. I'm sure you have lots of cool stuff ahead of you.

Binsk said...


You are still a baby. Compared to me and a tree (but not a head of lettuce). Yes I'm weird.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

of course i'll post a pic of the cupcakes, i've got a couple things in draft i still need to get up, but i'll let you know once they are proudly displayed in your honour

Peas on Toast said...

Aw Chris, thanks mate. I have a feeling you're right: I'm starting to like the sound of '25' and have a feeling it's going to be good :)

Binsk - thank you, now the party really starts...head of lettuce? :)

November Rain said...