Tuesday, September 06, 2005

weekend highs and lows

High: Going to a murder dinner on Friday with my old colleagues.
Low: Going to farewell drinks for one of my best mates, who is leaving to work in New York for a while.

High: Going to a lawn-Pimms-tennis party on Saturday afternoon, and seeing lots of awesome people there, including a hot, awesome and friendly DJ stud that I have booked for my birthday party next weekend. Very excited!
Low: Having my boyfriend pass out from too much Pimms and not go to Third World Ant's birthday party. But then perhaps he would've been so miserbale I would've sent him home.

High: Seeing my mum on Sunday, and just chilling with her.
Low: Her constant nagging over how I wash my clothes, how I eat and how I generally run my litle household.

High: Not going to the Melville Rock Festival, because my ex was there and perhaps it would've been awful.
Low: His freinds smsing me dodgy text messages, showing him the messages, and me being the but of the joke.

High: Finally doing practical stuff in my photography course.
Low: It's on a fucking Saturday morning.

High: Having my hair cut.
Low: Way too short for my liking

Low, low, and low: It's Monday. Shitters.


A Fork said...

Hi! High and hai: a poem follows! :)

A weekend of ups and downs has just gone
And LC's on a bit of a downer
So perhaps this little poem by Jon
Will make sure that she doesn't flounder

Don't worry LC, soon be the weekend again....and not long til your big birthday do too :)

Peas on Toast said...

Aw thanks Jon/A Fork!
Jon the Fork! A Fork called Jon. It has definitely made my Monday seem less blue...thanks sweetheart!
(It can only get better right?)

A Fork said...

Course it can! PMA and all that palaver :)

The Toothfairy said...

Monday's suck and nothing will ever change it

Peas on Toast said...

Hello Toothfairy!

True, but at least Tuesday is only 10 hours away...

zuzula said...

this is my last monday at work for a whole month!

bring it on :)

Peas on Toast said...

Aw-total jealousy! How the hell did you manage that Z?

Lucky little shit, if you dont mind me saying so. Another thing I remembered, you'd be impressed: it's so your birthday tomorrow!

a spoon said...

mondays suck so much. except when you're not at work! i have a whole week off next week. bliss.........

zuzula said...

wow - I am very impressed! how did you know?

four week break has all worked out marvellously. I'd already booked two weeks holiday (going to Florida play on the rollercoasters, yay!) and then got called up for jury service which starts the day after I get back. You have to commit to two weeks under the british system so that means yet more time off for me :)

Peas on Toast said...

Z-awesome stuff! Jury service, is it as random as it seems? Our law is Roman Dutch, so we don't have a jury system, which is a little wierd. So I can never balme a good holiday on jury service which sucks. Hope you blog about Florida though - and anything intersting that goes on in court, if you're allowed to, that is?

Spoon - so glad its nearly over! :)

zuzula said...

it's completely random... you just get a letter in the post giving you a time and a court to meet at. You don't know what the case is or even whether you'll be picked at all - the defendant can decide who they want on the panel.

I won't be able to blog much about it (although I'll be desperate to!) but i'll tell you as much as i can without getting arrested ;)