Saturday, September 03, 2005

compulsive scrapbooker

I have found my calling: I am a scrapbooker. It could be worse you know. I could be compulsive farter, a compulsive kleptomaniac, but instead I am a scrapbooker. After getting 400 digital pictures developed mainly of my last three years in Joburg, I took over my lounge carpet and furiously cut, pasted, coloured in, stuck stickers and made a scrapbook. It took a blissful 5 hours. I normally do this after every holiday. Now I'm documenting EVERYTHING.
The 400 photographs got me thinking. The guys at Kodak must've thought I lead quite an interesting life. Take these ten photos, and you decide:

1) 12 naked people sitting in a jacuzzi at last year's Christmas party
2) Me running around with an inflatable dinosaur around my neck and a bottle of Pimms
3) Three of us on the stairs of uni a year later, smoking a joint. Gasp.
4) My ex dressed like a ghetto gangster.
5) Drinking around a fire on the beach in the dead of night at PLettenberg Bay.
6) Karaoke evenings
7) Scenic pictures of Johannesburg's inner city
8) The 80s party
9) The Goth party
10) My book club Fuckerware party - we got a rep to show us the latest and greatest in sex toys.

Which brings me to conclude: it's going to be tough traversing from early twenties to late twenties this month. Because my early twenties have kicked so much ass.


November Rain said...

LOL sounds like my grad party years ago

my sister went to pick up the pictures and because the photo people were whispering and pointed she looked and freaked

oh it wasnt bad just my fairy god mother walking around topless
carrying imported bottle of beer
my 2 friends flasjing thier boobs and finally changing from goth cloths to sex ware
them lap dancing another friend
lots of big bottles of various booze
and jello fights

and well you get the idea

anyhow sounds like you had fun and that is great

btw I love scapr books nothing like thumbing through some ones books

very magical :)

Peas on Toast said...

Novy-your party sounds freaking incredible! I want to have parties like that!

BRing on my 25th greek toga bash.
Maybe I should make it 'My Big Fat Greek Orgy.'
But my folks are popping in for a quiet drink. Perhaps after they've gone home ;)

A Fork said...

LC's photos had Kodak perplexed
Hadn't they seen a blow-up T-Rex?
Or 12 nude people in a jacuzzi before?
Or a Fuckerware party...need I say more?
Some students toking on their Uni's stairs?
LC singing without any cares?
I guess they didn't expect to see
The crazy early 20's of our cool LC

Hello you. Sounds like you've had a well entertaining 5 years of coolness. Keep it up! :D

Peas on Toast said...

OK I'm trying to decide whether yesterday's poem is better than this one. I'm thinking this one wins, because you crammed in 7 topics as opposed to five. Pure works of genius. Does it take you long to come up with this stuff, or do you just sort of jot it down?


A Fork said...

Er, they usually take a couple of minutes if I'm honest. I just sort of write them and see what happens.

Glad they keep you amused :)

Peas on Toast said...

Do they keep me amused! Jon I wait in climatic anticipation for your poems! That's right, I really bloody well do!

It would take me half a day to come up with stuff like yours - maybe I'm just thick when it comes to poetry and I'm leaving it up to you.

A Fork said...

Aah bless ya LC. I humbly accept the position of official Poet Lauriate :)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

what i don't understand is if you've got 400 pictures, why didn't you post one with this blog!!!!!!!!
my youngest is into scrapbooking too, it's a wonderful way to keep all those memories together. i'm 47, you're turning 25, the only thing that is going to change is that things are going to get better. look, you've now got an official poet!

a spoon said...

i dunno. sounds like normal everyday life to me! :)

November Rain said...

it was I owe my friend Tea she knew I had been stressed from my divorce that had finally went through so she threw it as a graduation and your free party and I felt really good after

my bday is coming in November and my current hubby is taking to to a strip club here in Euro my first one (in europe-- I hear they are different than from Florida where we have the 6 inches away and dont touch law... thus no legal lap dancing LOL)

Nettie said...

I don't think I;m a compulsive anything. I wanna have a compulsion!

jimmmer said...

The change is nothing, just wait for the switch from twenties to thirties.

It's a killer.

Stephanie said...

Good attitude, my fellow Virgo!