Monday, September 19, 2005

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Above Average

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Logical intelligence average? Pah!
I was hoping for something more along the lines of this:

Your IQ Is 1000. Off the charts.

Your Logical Intelligence is My fuck, you’re a genius e

Your Verbal Intelligence is My fuck, you’re a genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is My fuck, you’re a genius

Your General Knowledge is My fuck, you’re a genius

First up: Happy birthday Steph! Tra la la la la la!

Interesting weekend really. Steve went to the bush for a bachelor’s weekend, so amused myself with a bunch of rowdy people on Saturday night. In the afternoon, I went to Moyo at Zoo Lake with a good guy friend of mine for a couple of lazy glasses of wine. Met a whole lot of new people, which is always fun. From there, we went to a snazzy house do, involving for some reason, a group of American Ivy League people (? Some doing their community service here, etc.) I found myself becoming increasingly irritated. One would drop lines like, “Oh my Gooood! This is the song that they played at the Princeton Prom, ooooh.” And one was flirting outrageously with this friend of mine, and for some reason was rubbing me up the wrong way. Who knows why, I don’t find him particularly shaggable, we’re just good friends. Maybe it was just her.
Hey she was rather sweet – just a little lacklustre. Different sense of humour, a little…off.

We ended up at the Color Bar – was great. My friend got stuck into the American Ivy League woman, and I immediately went to the bar to get more shooters. What the hell was wrong with me, I wonder to myself, especially when he comes up to me and goes, “So glad. This girl doesn’t want a relationship, pheeew. So what do you think?”
Me: (With totally convincing smile and ernest facial expression) “Amazing, so entirely happy for you, fantastic, I’m sure she’s really nice.”
I totally didn’t mean it.

What’s weird is that this has never happened before. We share sordid details of our lives, we have counseled each other though our bad break ups, we are happy for each other when we get it on with members of the opposite sex. We are generally great friends and that’s that.
For the first time, I suddenly felt very aware of myself around him, when usually I don’t give a damn. And maybe it’s because he was being very complimentary. He told me I look great, my bum is hot (?), nice neck, nice back. He’s usually great with compliments, but I take them as I would coming from a friend: “(Thanks.”) He also said a lot of stuff, that is blurry now, but made me kind of think, “What? He thinks I have a hot back? Wow, that’s nice.” So perhaps this is where it’s coming from. I’m sure everything will be back to normal with this buddy ‘o pal ‘o pal the next time we see each other. Cos he isn’t that attractive to me, honest!

We ended up going to a house – a mansion of a place in Saxonwold, and we popped champagne. It was 4:00 am and I was in that frame of mind you get into when you’re slightly palookered, kind of like paranoid but not really. My friend also wanted to leave, I didn’t have a car there, but George, this other guy took me home.
George, who I discovered, lives next door to my ex in Westcliff (? What are the chances?), went to school with him for 12 years, shared a flat with him at varsity, and they are like big mates. Who knew?

So a rather emotional time had. But fun really. Even if my mate likes Ivy League women. It was a hoot.


Kevin said...

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Peas on Toast said...

Shut the hell up, Kevin person!

A Fork said...

LC hit the town with a good mate (a guy)
Who was hit on by a preppie girl Yank
This bothered LC, though she isn't sure why
Though it could be because her chatter stank

Hello LC! Sounds like you had a fun (if slightly confusing) weekend :)

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Jon!

Preppy is putting it mildly mate - she was Head of Sorority (pi beta alpha? zeta beta zeta? alpha fucka beta?) preppy and grew up in some lavish clapboard town in Pennsylvania.
But cool, whatever. All is good:)

Ed Abbey said...

I scored 130 but my logical intelligence was below average. And all along I thought I was pretty logical.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i got a 95????????
my logical was below average, everything else was the same as you. i'm so depressed. if only i wasn't so below average logically, i'd probably figure a way to kill myself. oh well, sometimes it pays to be stupid logically. i did notice they didn't ask any questions about how to make drinks, hmmmmmm. i suspect this thing might be rigged.

Peas on Toast said...

Ed and Janie - this thing is totally rigged. I'm super practical, which means I should be super logical too. I guess not.

To hell with IQ tests I say!

November Rain said...

yeah it is because I got an 80
so its ridged because my verb is crap in rl but my math is great