Friday, October 14, 2005

Getting to know your city suburbs

..And after a couple of glasses of whisky, Weezy and myself found that Johannesburg indeed has some pretty dodgy suburb names.

Names of suburbs that you’d want to live in: (it doesn’t matter if they dodgy, they just sound nice)
Mayfair West
Houghton Estate
Forest Town
Highlands North
Orange Grove

Names of suburbs where you wonder if their founders were smoking crack.(And most of these are dodgy):
Liefe-en-Vrede (Love & Freedom)??
Edel Weiss (noooo way?)
Klopper Park
Pencil Park
Rifle Range
Crown Mines

It’s weird how the top ones are (mostly) upmarket areas, while the others are mostly either industrial zones, trailer parks, or both.


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Peas on Toast said...

I'd bet my next salary cheque that both of you live either in Fulcrum or Comet.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

actually, i thought those two lived in loserville, hmmmm.
my subdivision in our city is called homelands but we would like to live in the subdivision beside us called sherwood forest, ahhhhh, love the sound of that, but all of their homes are way over the $1,000,000 mark, sooooooo, homelands it is! guess i just have to try and catch a glimpse of robin hood from afar.

Peas on Toast said...

Sherwood forest, I like the sound of that! hmm

zuzula said...

oohh i love place names! we once looked up our postcode on one of those websites that tells you what's nearby. Apparently I am within a 20 mile radius of Cock Pond, Mincing Lane, White Knobs Way, Pratt's Bottom, Titsey Park, Thong, Minges, Knob Hill, and Herbert's Hole.

One day I must plan a rude name roadtrip ;)

Nettie said...

Like they make nursing home names sound so pretty, like you'd really want to live there.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hey laurian, i left you a tag at my place.

Peas on Toast said...

Hi guys, I am officially Peas on Toast from now on. (But still laurian deep inside ok.)
Z - Knob Hill, Thong and Pratt's Bottom??
Nettie - I know old age homes are always things like "Poinsetia Park" and 'Lilly Heath" or something like that.

She of the handbag said...

Factoria? Fulcrum??? Blimey, do people really live there?

Zuze - mincing lane is still my fave:)

Peas on Toast said...

She of the Handbag - Yip people live there. But people I will probably never meet. :)
There is also a road in Norwood (which is where I work and is considered upmarket) called...oh god...Fanny Lane.

Someone pass me the crack??