Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So like anyway, I'm not on the pill anymore right? I'd been on it for seven years and for five days every month I'd turn into a pyscho bitch from hell. During PMS, if I saw a commercial on TV involving a dog/the blind/the deaf -I'd bawl my eyes out.

So I got off it. And now the cramps have come back. AS a result, I'm sitting at my desk completely spaced out on Myprodol, have a hot water bottle onmy lower abdomen, and quite frankly feel like going stariught back to bed.

I hate my uterus.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i went through early menopause, it's great. i still have my uterus, i guess in case i need to rent it out? really, shouldn't it dissolve itself or something.

Ed Abbey said...

Guys definitely got the long end of the stick when it came to reproductive organs.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - perhaps its used an extra water closet now.

Ed - Oh yeah. They most definitely did. :) Lucky bastards.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i guess that's why i'm carrying the extra weight, it's all that water in that closet;)

She of the handbag said...

Oh the joys of the pill ... I love the way it takes a few goes for them to find the right one for you.

The first one I was put on didn't help with the PMT. The second one made me have a period for nine months, I was aneamic as hell by the end of it and bloody knackered! The third one was great ... until I came off it and proceeded to turn into PMT superbitchwoman from hell whereby I loathed my male housemate so completely to the extent that he quaked with fear everytime I came into the room.

I completely sympathise. I reckon get back on the pill but get them to give you the right one. Otherwise lots and lots of morphine;)

Peas on Toast said...

Well I decided to be proactive in my quest for a dysmennoreah-free and bitchy-free life.

I strode into the chemist and demanded the patch. They wouldn't give it to me cos I need a script. Easily sortable.

Apparently the patch is wonderful.
I'll tell you in four days.

November Rain said...

my periods are always messed up
7 days late or early so forth
so I was put on the pill some
10 years ago to regulate my periods
I got sick and they had to take me off
my ex mother in law said it was all in my head

well I just recently had an alergy test done and it come up with me being allergic to ... hmmm I am not even going to spell it anyhow it is mainly used in drum roll birth control pills

so LC ask the dr to check for that could be why

I also had cramps so bad that I wanted to kill myself before I got pregnant the dr told my mom that it was becuase some thing to do with my utereus (dont remember as it was 20 years ago) they said when I had kids it would stop and it did I still have cramps but not as bad as before

not saying you should have a baby but after 20 years maybe the dr may have something for you

at least you think

big hugs I totally understand
if I didnt want a baby I would want them to take it

Nettie said...

I hope the patch works out for you, you don't need to be stuck between two miserable options.