Wednesday, October 12, 2005

'Welcome to Life'

..says my practical ever-supporting step-dad this morning.
He's not talking about my iPod, he's talking about the bureaucratic fuck-up concerning my new car papers. And my expired license disc. And the fact that I took time off work to go to the registrars office, stand in a queue for an hour, only to be told that, in fact, I'm at the wrong place. I need to go into downtown Johannesburg.
Life is one big bureaucratic mess! Always!
But, I'm still kind of ok, less the fact I started crying in hope they would process my papers and hand me over the disc anyway (only to be ushered aside).

In a strange turn of events, yesterday I went on a township tour for a story I'm doing. During lunch, all the other people started discussing iPods. I sunk into my chair. Until one man said that there is an iPod Mini special happening at this shop.

Only R1 800! ($280). Steve paid $200 for mine if I remember correctly. So....guess what?? I am new a proud owner of an exactly-the-same-iPod as my one before! Yes! I did it! I bought a new one! God, I love credit cards!
I've named her: she shall be called Beryl. And I will be installing an alarm on her.

I think I'll go to the jolly roger to celebrate tonight. Less the iPod. Beryl's staying at home.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

paperwork is the devil!!!
congrats on your new i-pod, i've never heard of that alarm thing. i do agree, as much as you love her, there are times and places she's better off staying at home.

Ed Abbey said...

What the heck is a disc required for car licensing? Over here on this side of the pond, we just have a little rectangular piece of plastic with your picture on it.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie-no was joking about the alarm. But if I could find one...hmmm

Ed - its a registartion license for the actual car. A paper thing that you have to hang on your windscreen.

Nettie said...

May you have many good times with Beryl, less the agony of loss. There's gotta be an alarm for them somewhere.

She of the handbag said...

Poor the i-pod:(
Yay the Beryl:)

May she play your music well, stay forever by your side and be a thing of envy to many and of joy to you;)

Peas on Toast said...

Aw thanks Nettie and She of the Handbag.
I hope so too.

I could've waited until the new Nano iPod came out here, but that would cost a small bundle. And mine gives me so much joy anyway. So I'm pleased with my purchase. :)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

over here the nano's are out but they are having problems with them, a bunch of them have been recalled. i'm going to try and get the mini i-pods for both of my girls, i'm hoping the price comes down a bit before christmas.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie I reckon prices would've come down a bundle for Mini's in the US. They've definitely come down here, much to my delight, so hopefully you'll get a bargain.

Firebird said...

Hi Laurian,

I am glad you got your new iPod. :)
Hopefully Beryl won't be kidnapped (stolen) like her predecessor.

We are still waiting for the cellphone bill, to see if someone used Novy's phone before we got it blocked. If there is nothing showing, I will consider getting her a new one, with a big metal chain that she will have to wear around her neck. ;)

Oh, this is November's hubby, for info.

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