Friday, November 18, 2005


I don't usually take horoscopes to heart, but I read them anyway. This year has been particularly enlightening. Apparently, in July this year, Virgo's were meant to stumble over a large sum of money. I got retrenched and recieved an awesome package. Hence, it came true.
This month, I was told that Virgo's need to do maintenance on their houses and cars, otherwise we'll end up forking out more for little problems. It's true. I paid a fortune for a plumber to come in the other day.

I was told this week that 'girls feature strongly in your chart.' It's true. As much as my guy friends have been supportive over my break up, my girls friends have been absolutely fantastic. I met two for a drink yesterday, then went to a dinner party at another's house, thinking it would be a mixture of guys and gals. Nope, just girls. It was fantastic. On Tuesday, I had a much-needed glass of wine with my girl friend who lives next door.

Apparently Virgo libidos are set to sky rocket in December. This helps me not. But still, horoscopes in general have been rather accurate this year.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

as much as i adore my husband and love spending time with him, there is always something special about girl time. girls are more in sync with each other, i've found that even my youngest gets it, cuz we love nights where the men in our life are away for the weekend at a hockey tournament, things around here are just different. as for december;) you never know!

Peas on Toast said...

Girl time is exactly what I need right now, so it's working well :)