Wednesday, November 16, 2005


1) I may have potential flatmate. He's a dude. This is good.
2) However, he can only move in in January.
3) Steve needs half his deposit back in order to move into a new flat.
4) I can't give that to him until my flatmate pays me a deposit.
5) As a result, today it was reaffirmed why I cannot be with this person.
6) He is getting tetchy saying that I must move out then. And I'm withholding his deposit.
7) Fuck that! If I had it, just to shut him up, I'd have given it to him last week.

In the meantime, two of my good friends, male friends that is, are giving me the heebie jeebies. One in particular. I think he wants my beefcake. I'm starting to get drunken calls from him at all times of the night asking me when I start planning to date people again, and how awesome it is I'm single. I think we may have to have a little chat. It ain't ever gonna happen.
The other one isn't too bad, but has mentioned that a nice guy is waiting in the wings for me. I said, "Who?" and he said his own name.

Men are impossible. Impossible.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

well, it should be a bit of an ego boost to you right now, that there are two guys just waiting for you, guess it depends on whether you actually need to replace the ex right away or not, or give yourself some time. sounds like they are both prepared to be rebound guys, it's whether you want to play rebound or not. as to the funds, would you be able to borrow some cash from your parents, given the situation? i'd lend money to my daughter for something like this, i don't know if she would even ask me though, but i'd lend it.

Peas on Toast said...

Hey Janie
That's the thing, I'm totally not looking for replacements right now. Especially not my two mates, as lovely as they are.
As for funds, it looks like I'm going to have to do that. I'll chat to my mum, as I may not have another alternative.

Ed Abbey said...

We (men) came out alright on the pregnancy issue, menopause, and fashion, but when it comes to sex, we got the short end of the stick. We would sell ourselves to the devil just for a little piece of action and many have.

Peas on Toast said...

True Ed. I liked the whole "short end of the stick" metaphor too. :)
Thing is, I want ass about as much as I want to staple my eyelids together right now. I think they call people like me a "frigid bitch." But it's totally working for me right now. ;)

November Rain said...

you rent?
if yes:
did he pay half the depo in the first place
if yes
if you move too would the landlord give you the whole deposit?
if no to the last 2 questions: then he doesnt get one

if yes was it ever agreed that he would get half of it back????????

here is the way I see it he wants to move he needs to be over fine his problem

if you both paid the rent and depo I am sure you did it as a mutal (just as if you were married which I dont know the law thier but in FL law is considered that you were in a relationship so he cant get half the depo (half everything else maybe like furniture etc,,)

imo... depends on who broke up with who and all

if an engagment is broken off by the woman she has to give the ring back but if it is broken off by the man she gets to keep it

basically what I am getting at he wasnt just a roomie he was a partner
to ask for half the depo is wrong he should have some dignity (sp?) and move on so you can heal

guess I am more of a bitch

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i read what november said, but i think if it means by you having to give him back his deposit to get on with your life, no matter what the circumstances are, it's worth borrowing money to do it. it's over, time for him and his stuff to get out so that you can now get on with the next part of your life.
as a mom, if any of my kids asked for financial help due to this type of situation, if i had the money, i'd help out.

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Novy and Janie-
The break up was mutual, but I followed through with it when he changed his mind. He moved back home, as his folks live here and have space, mine don't. Either way, I do owe him half a deposit. What I', going to do is take it out on my savings then just get it back when someone moves in. That way there are no more issues. Thanks for all your advice though, it means the world. xx