Tuesday, November 29, 2005

incredible weekend

I could write a soap opera just based on the last 24 hours. Insane does not even describe it.

Friday 6:00pm: Friends come over for drinks at my place. We sing karaoke. I almost get evicted.

9:00pm: We head onto party. See New Ex there. Chat casually for 5 minutes, keeping it cool, and don't see him again. During this time, some guy I kissed 8 years ago follows me everywhere. It's not flattering, it's freaky and annoying. Then I have to drive a freind out in the rain because he's too hammered to drive, and his mate is stuck on the side of the road because his car has broken down. His mate happens to beuatiful, and looks like God personified with his head in the bonnet and grease streaked across his face. I stand on the side of the road in heels and a low cut top looking like a hooker while they sort out his engine. So not cool. But had a good look at his ass.

12:00 midnight: We all head back and dance and stuff. Then I get a call from New Ex, who left the party three hours ago, or so I hear.
He's crying hysterically. He'd been driving around Joburg all night. I managed to calm him down - he said he'd disinvited his date on Saturday because he has hope for us. I avoided to comment and just get him to go home. He did. Leave party at 2:00am.

11:00am Saturday: Third World Ant moves in! Yeah!

2:00pm: Hit huge party in Sandton where everybody wears pink. See New Ex being chatted up/chatting up girls. Panic and can't cope. These social situations are still too raw. Then German Man/Mr Saturday Night phones me. Hoorah! Saved! He stops his car in middle of road, gets out, just to come and see me. What a honey.

7:00pm: So over this party. Drunk people falling everywhere, I go home. Fast.

8:00pm: Friends phone me. I get invited to Brenthurst- that's right, the Oppenheimer Estate where she is living for the moment for drinks. Think Buckingham Palace equivalent. It was insane. Cognac in the library, looking at original Matisse art on the walls. Chandeliers, gold - all over the top. They'd just come back from watching their own horses at the races. One guy one R2,5 million bucks in one sitting. Just a drop in the old bucket really.

10:00pm Meet The German out with friends - he gets us into an exclusive club no worries. We get together for a wee snog. Which turned into a wee snog all night. More rock star stuff: his godfather is Beyers Naude the hectic, yet randomly famous freedom fighter, his family is buddy buddy with Nelson Mandela, and they are these hectic activists that are very politically charged. Sexy, I like it.

Then he told me he may be falling in love with me. Eek. Crap. Shit. Too hectic. So I'm going to have to cool it down a little.

But still, what a weekend, eh?


Billy said...

Nice! Glad to see you had a good one.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Billy - can you handle? It feels like some sort of dream.

Stephanie said...

Wow! Glad you are having fun. :) Enjoy it!

Peas on Toast said...

Steph - I'm having so much fun! Just along as it stays sweet and simple, and not complications stuff. Otherwise then the fun turns into not-so-fun which turns in a nightmare. Still, a weekend to remember! :)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

it sounds like a great weekend, just what you needed, even the stuff with the new ex sounds pretty much ok, you got through it, basically ok, nothing that time and space won't heal.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - yip, long may the weekend high last :)

Christopher said...

Sounds like great fun. Told you it gets gooooood.

Re: your lash out post. Completely understandable. I'm suprised I haven't done a similar post myself.

Paperslut said...

Ooo... neat weekend.

The college I'm in is in a dry state, and though we know some people who know some people who can smuggle us some booze, it's too bloody expensive. Aaargh!

Ah... the benefits of knowing (and doing) the right people!

November Rain said...

But had a good look at his ass.

what no gropin ;=)
sounds like a nice weekend at the end
and I agree with better nothing that time and space won't heal.

Peas on Toast said...

Wonderwall - dry college huh? I'm sure you've made some helpful connections to help you out there :)

Novy - Nope, I didn't steal a grope. I really should've. What was I thinking??

She of the handbag said...

Bloody hell what a weekend! Yay for all the good fun stuff - long may it continue:)