Tuesday, November 01, 2005

shops call

Hi my name is Peas on Toast and I'm a shopaholic.
(Cue "Hi Peas on Toast.")
Last month Third World Ant and I, in a disgusting display of capitalistic grandeur, turned our credit cards into smoking lumps of plastic, as we scoured our favourite places in search of the perfect shoes. Instead, we came back with skirts, dresses, underwear and jewellery. Totally overdid it, but sat ona shopping high for three solid days. I vowed not to shop like this ever again.

But the cravings are setting in, I feel for the vanilla-scented smell of The Space, the most fantastic store in the whole wide world. You walk into a shop that smells like Zanzibar after a vanilla festival, with racks of gorgeous once-off things made with the finest of all fabrics from SA designers across the country. It's what dreams are made of, with a price tag to match.

I need to go back. I will go back. Tonight. After work. I think I may give Third World Ant a call...although that may be dangerous.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

guess i'll be seeing you at those meetings, i have the same addiction, only i never use my credit card, i only use debit. my biggest fear is that i'll have all my stuff at the register and then those magic words come up after swiping my card, transaction denied!!!
my oldest daughter is turning 21 next week and is home for the weekend and i'm taking her birthday shopping, apparently she has nothing!!! i must pray to the gods to be kind to me.

Peas on Toast said...

You must be the nicest mum in the world Janie! Your daughter must be uber excited :)

Third World Ant said...

Right now I'm feeling envious I didn't come with, though my "smoking lump of plastic" will be rather relieved... my latest shopping spree is going to be plane tickets - one from Mozam, one to Cape Town, one to Pietermaritzburg. Now that's going to give me a real high! Holidays! YAY!

Peas on Toast said...

TWA - Dude, I didn't even find anything! I'm so disappointed! Had you been there, then perhaps, but all I came back with was...one magazine. Seriously!

Third World Ant said...

Oh the shame of it all! What kind of a spree-er are you? I'll have to come show you how it's done some time... and seeing as you didn't spend much now, there's more money for later - yay!