Thursday, November 03, 2005


And I think I have a right to be.
I walked over to the pizza shop last night to grab a drink and bite with a friend last night, and at 10:00 pm, a reasonable hour, finished off with a cup of filter coffee. Bad move.

I tossed and turned until 2:00am this morning. Not only because I was on a caffeine high either: the bathroom tap is dripping, which to me is like Chinese torture. Drip, drip, drip all fucking night.
Then the worst of it is this: there is a ghost in the spare room.

This actually doesn't bother me so much, usually. But this thing is so active, to the point where people refuse to sleep in the spare room when they visit. I slept there once and couldn't sleep, cos things would brush across my face, there was always a 'buzz' in the room, and it's quite frankly distracting. I often work in this room because my computer and such are in there, but often it'll just turn off and stuff, and I always feel as though something is watching me. It sounds scary, but it's actually just irritating.

Last night was no different. The ghost must've been thorwing a party, cos there were footsteps, sounds and all sorts of wierd things coming from that room. I was a little scared actually, cos my boyfriend is away and I couldn't sleep.

So now I'm cranky, have so much work to do and all I want to do is go home and sleep. Stupid ghost thing.


Melanie Alamo said...

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Peas on Toast said...

"Georgia Highway Construction??" Even if I lived in Georgia, or anywhere near it, I wouldn't give fanny apples for reading stuff that sounds about as exciting as a wet day in Minneapolis.

zuzula said...

has the ghost always been there? sounds pretty terrifying to me luv!

Peas on Toast said...

Z - I was just telling a colleague of mine now, she aksed the same thing. I moved in there about 2 1/2 years ago, and didn't notice anything to start with. Until 6 months later, I just felt funny whenever I walked into the room, and only that room.

Then about two months ago, my boyfriend ran into the lounge and jumped when he saw me parking off on the couch. He's the seriously non-esoterical type who doesn't believe in ghosts and stuff. He asked why I was there, when I was in the bedroom a few seconds before that. I said, "I've been here the whole time." He went white and said that he'd just seen a woman like me in the bedroom...
So that definitely FREAKED us out.
But it doesn't bother me too much actually, cos nothing hectic has happened since then, just bumps in the night.

Perhaps I should bring a minister in or something?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

maybe melanie would now something about it. i must have ghosts in my house, cuz whenever something gets wrecked and i ask the kids, they always say it wasn't them. i'd be too freaked out to sleep as well, have you thought about moving at all? or bringing someone in. i've read articles about people needing to home their homes exercised, maybe google it and see what comes up.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - Nah I wouldn't move out because it's such an awesome flat, and in a nice area. It doesn't bother me too much, but I'm thinking of calling a company called "Ghostbusters" to come and sort it out! :)

zuzula said...

I would definitely get someone in. Now. Even I'm freaked out about this and I'm hundreds of miles away from your house!

Peas on Toast said...

OK, will make some phonecalls. And won't spare you guys the intricate details of...the exorcism. God, it feels like I'm the main character in a horror movie!

Peas on Toast said...

..and don't the main characters always die??
They bloody well do! Shitters!


zuzula said...

do you talk to the ghost?

Peas on Toast said...

LOL- "Do you talk to the ghost?"

Well not really. It's not like we're tight or anything. Just when my computer randomly switches off on its own THREE TIMES while I'm in the middle of something, I once shouted, "OK just fuck off. You're driving me crazy!" I felt really stupid.
D'you think I pissed it off?? Perhaps I should try and be nice like, "Seriously, you're cramping my style a little here. Would you mind leaving?"

Or I'll leave it up to the professionals...

zuzula said...

I'm serious! A friend of mine has this weird sixth sense thing when it comes to spirits. He talks to them and he says it helps!

November Rain said...

lol Better you dont have a ghost (wink wink) you have family circle's not me gremlins lol

Now for the serious stuff
Okay I am a wiccan (practcing witch) so here I am to the rescue

Okay now Oct 31 is samhain this is when the vail between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thin (^)footnote

So around this time the dead can walk the earth again and visit etc...

Nov 2 is celebrated as the Day of the Dead in many areas esp new orleans and areas where african decendants settle and practice hoodoo (sp?) by those who practice these beliefs

(again see foot note)

You have just seen spirits heard them but lived there 2 and some years and none has done anything harmful so it sounds as if you dont have a harmful spirit just a lonely one

okay zul is right talking with the spirits do help
also try this

when you prepare a meal set a small portion a side for the spirits in your home set it in the room where the spirits dwell say aloud it is for them the next night as you take the plate

recite this invocation (taken from Native Americans ancestors)

you no longer wish to take what I/we present you? are these things no more to your taste? why is then you rebuff us and our services do they not please you any more? AH! (<--say strong and aloud)
(back to a soft voice)
you do not speak as usual without doubt you are dead. yes it is done you are going to the country of the spirits and you are leaving us forever.
-end of invocation-

burn or bury the food do not eat it or throw it away
return to the room with a white candel lit
speak to them inform them it is okay there is nothing more for them here and the slumber land a waits them
(make a place for them to sleep and invission you tucking them in) if you know a lullybye sing to them if not just re a sure them all will be well to sleep now tell them when they wake they will wake in the slumberland (use the term most fitted for your culture)

tell them you will not see them again for they will not wake there in your flat but in the country of spirits where many await to embrace them

the following plants and herbs help--
Grown around the home, fennel confers protection. Fennel is also hung up at windows and doors to ward off evil spirits, and the seeds can be carried for the same reason. .
Hawthorn protects the house in which it resides, no evil ghosts may enter (emphasis on evil)
juniper also guards against ghosts
Nettles are held in the hand to ward off ghosts, (careful the undersides sting)
Branches of the peach tree are used to drive off evil spirits in China,

I was recently told by rebecca something I didnt know that it is only samhain for the northern hemisphere that for the southern hemispere it is beltain so I am not sure how this works if the viel is diferent for the south at this time
I will research it though

you can go to this forum and ask and I will ask some from those whom I know
some other helpful hints

Peas on Toast said...

Wow Novy, some interesting and novel ideas there! I'm roasting a chicken tonight, so I'll definitely leave a drumstick out for the ghost :)

November Rain said...

:) always glad to help