Thursday, December 15, 2005

outrageous flirting

Yesterday I was on fire. I was so tired that I curled up beneath my desk during lunch and rested my head on the Yellow Pages and took a nap, but nevertheless I was on fire.

The Friend (with whom I will share a meal tonight) and I spent the day partaking in a marathon SMS and e-mail flirting session. So I was essentially horny and tired at the same time. I won't divulge, for a lady never tells ;), but the keywords for the day included:
French maid's uniform
feather duster
strawberries and cream
Lionel Richie (don't ask)
My back seat
My stiletto heels

God it was fun. I really like this guy. He's a card.

Last minute Mozambique purchases are proving disorganised. Half the camping shop is strewn over my lounge carpet. I need to wrap last minute Christmas presents, have my malaria tablets delivered, buy last minute stuff, get petrol. And we have none. There's a serious, and quite frankly, annoying petrol shortage here at the moment. I'm surprised I got to work this morning.

48 hours. And counting.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

the price of our gas here is skyrockteting again, but still available. my house always looks like a bomb hit it, my mother is coming next week, so starting this weekend, i have to get serious and clean up.
i don't get the lionel richie thing but i have gotten all of the other keywords, but in a different order.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - well I finally managed to find a petrol station that has unleaded petrol. Thank God. And don't worry about Lionel Richie: its uper cheesy on my part. :)

November Rain said...

lol sms flirting is good :)