Friday, December 16, 2005

well-rounded off end

...kind of like a Q-Tip.

The double dating idea was fabulous.
He's got the smallest bum I've ever seen. But I'm going to Mozambique tomorrow, and he's off to Zanzibar. So right now I don't know what will happen. But he has a toight-toight bottom.

I still have not packed for this bloody trip. I leave tomorrow morning at 3:00am. Help me. And while everyone is taking hectic malaria pills, I am taking homeopathic stuff. Mainly because last time I took malaria tablets, my fingernails started falling out. I shit you not. So I hope I don't get bitten. At all.

I hope Small Bum still wants my beefcake after the trip. I mean, I dressed up all pretty last night and he seems keen on my high heels if it's any consolation.

But alas, bloggy friends, this is my last post of the year. And what a year it has been playing the role of Brooke Logan Forrester. Thank you for listening to my incessant whining, commenting on my compulsive crises, and for mainly just reading. May your festive season(s) be filled with fun and games.
Rock on 2006.
Until next time. Ciao bye.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

have a wonderful holiday, you surely need it after the year you've been having. i have loved being a small part of your life, thanks for sharing and i look forward to meeting up in the new year. i celebrate christ, so merry christmas to you.

Stephanie said...

Have a brilliant holiday. You really deserve it.


November Rain said...

have a great time

Nettie said...

Have a nice trip, see ya next year!

zuzula said...

have a fab time - I'll miss you!

Merry xmas & happy new year x

jimmmer said...

Have a good one Peas!

Shadow said...

Nice Blog!

capdog said...

Why did this just appear as a new post in my RSS reader?!

other-duke said...

Yeah, i just got it as a new post too. WTF