Saturday, December 03, 2005


OK: the trauma and how it unfolded.

I accidentally sent the German an email, as you might have figured. The email was badly timed, after my wonderful night out with him, and feeling deliriously happy, I sent him an email which was actually meant for an aquiantance. You see, we both got invited to a Christmas party but this such aquiantance. I freaked out, not wanting anybody to think I was in any sort of rebound relationship (my friends know what is going on, but not the rest of Joburg, which suited me fine.) I basically tried to play down everything that's going on with me and German. I said he's a random score, nothing long-term, not ready to do social occasions with him.

Which evidently makes me the antichrist, and the poor guy was devastated, naturally, when he read it.

So two excruciating days passed, where I tried to explain to him that I was downplaying everything cos I am freaking out and that I do in fact really like him.

Finally, last night, after he'd had a couple of beers, he phoned me and asked if we could meet. We chatted about it, him obviously angry and hurt, and I said "Well I can understand if you think I'm a fickly bitch, who cares too much what people think, and if you want to never talk to me again, I don't blame you."

He said ordinarily, he would have told me to fuck off. But he said he can't because he likes me too much. So he's basically giving me another chance. I'd better not fuck this up. I am a lucky girl.
Because that email would've had ME crying for a week.

I'm taking him out for dinner. I even said he could order the lobster thermidor if he likes.


Billy said...

Not that you were in shit and completely fucked up but that there are others out there who do things like that! At least once a week i either email or sms to the wrong person.

One things for sure: If you and German can survive this you may just have hooked yourself a non rebound belter. Either way make sure you get the upper hand again! Whatever you do dont slap a matress after dinner.....

Stephanie said...

Wow! I like this guy. He obviously realises that he's found someone pretty great. :)

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

he does sound like he's a great nice that's interested in you. so be careful. make sure he realizes that you are recovering from a breakup and need to take things slowly, cuz it's going to be really easy to break his heart if you realize you're just not ready for anyone else yet. now you know you can be honest with him, it's to find the balance of honesty without possibly hurting him.

Binsk said...

Well that's good.

Every time you send an email you should re-check who you are sending it to. Scary bad things can happen otherwise.