Saturday, December 10, 2005

time share

So I took the German out for dinner last night to potentially end this little scenario, so that I don't hurt him.

I tried, I tried really hard.

And I do like the guy, so we came to an arrangement: instead of a full on dumping, where he said I'll never see him again, we agreed on something called 'time share.' And because he's a lawyer, he loved the idea. Time share was coined by my editor who said that it has always worked for her, so I tried it out.

We will date, but very infrequently. We can date other people. We will never discuss a full-time relationship unless on party decides it's necessary and things eventually swing that way. Nothing will ever get hectic, and we don't ever have to feel obliged to see each other. Like a beach cottage really - you only go there when and if you want to.

I'm feeling happy and content for the first time in weeks, because we had a fabulous night, thanks to the new time share plan. We ate Indian food, then stopped for an Irish coffee, then hit a club in Rosebank which was so much fun - we even hammed it up with Phat Joe. Then we went to his house and had a late night swim. His swimming pool is beautifully positioned on the norethern cliff of Westcliff, overlooking the entire city. It was lovely.

And, and! The ex boyfriend is behaving himself for a change. Apologising for his behaviour and cooperating. Long may it last. Yay! A nice end to a really crappy week.


Paperslut said...

'Time Share'... Hmmm.

So basically you get to sleep with as many people as you like, and still sleep with the same guy again.

Nice... I like, I like.

Peas on Toast said...

I know, how did I manage this?? It seems too good to be true! And you've spelt it out in black and white for me Wonderwall, and I think I'm rather chuffed with myself right now. I didn't break any hearts either! Yay!!

Billy said...

Nice to hear you are on the upside of that nasty turn, have a smashing weekend peas and whatever you do: Keep your chin up!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

your lawyer didn't make you sign a contract for this, did he??? don't be surprised if he draws one up and asks you to sign;)
it does sound like you're heading for a great weekend.
your ex is an asshole, an apology doesn't change that, well, to me anyway. guess i'm thinking like a mom here. i hate to see any young woman have to deal with this, there's no excuse for it at all.

Christopher said...

*Jots down idea*

Personally, I just don't have the stamina to sustain such an idea but bravo to you for doing it.

The worst thing (In my view) would be for you to be in a relationship this soon. You have loads to discover.

Tell me to shut up if I'm starting to sound like Trisha or anything.

The Orchestrator said...

New Question of the Week

Peas on Toast said...

Billy-thanks, will do! :)

Chris-Never shut up. Your opinion is hardcore to me , because you've been through this shit before. Chris you're allowed to take the floor whenever you want!

Janie-The apology doesn't change much at all in the way of where I'm going. I will never go down this path again with Steve. But, I do know why he did it. (Compassion see? ;) He is suffering badly with this break-up and thought he wouldn't cope in Mozambique. But I don't really care right now to be honest.