Tuesday, January 17, 2006

fack me

I got laaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiid!

But, as THird World Ant pointed out last night, I also have nympho issues.

Let me explain.

We all went out to Turtle Freak on Friday night. One of those places everybody goes to swap business cards, talk shop and speed date. I never go there, because I hate it. But I was dragged along and ended up enjoying it. We drank jagerbombs, smahed burgers in our faces, talked shit and then we drove home - Small Bum and I - and we did the dirty.

Then I couldn't stop. We did the dirty ten times this weekend. In 36 hours, we had crazy monkey sex ten times. I hate myself now, because I really wish I had held back a little. Fuck.

It was rather good though. Then I lost my cellphone, got a head cold, had to help a mate out who was taking the morning after pill and then got all over analytical on this whole too-mich-sex thing.

I think I need to not see him this week so that I don't jump him all the time. He's not complaining, but I'm pretty sure he's all shagged out.

Still like him so much. But evidently, that's my issue. I know he likes me, I really do, but somehow I feel that banging like rabbits might be detrimental to the slow dating process.

Hoo boy.

PS: Billy, are you pyschic?


Billy said...

No wonder the weather was so weird this weekend.....

Naaaaice! Way to go lady! No time for loser syndrome on the love boat babe, you have momentum now sail it! Men are never shagged out at the start of any "relationship". That takes 3 months at least. Somewhere in Joburg there is a very distracted small bummed man staring blankly at a computer screen.

PS: Not Psychic, male. Evolution gave us little but boy oh boy can we spot a horny mate! Small Bums' got the gene i see.

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - Excellent! But it seems to have happened so quickly, and I'm one of those conservative small town girls that likes to wait a while at least (maybe a month or two) until I shag someone. Not only have I shagged him after properly dating for two weeks, I have shagged him fucking senseless.

Can I ever take this back? Like say, "Honey pie sugar...let's pretend this never happened, and perhaps shag again next month Tuesday?" Or am I being cruel/pathetic/unrealistic here??

Billy said...

Lust is natural between two mutually attracted people.Lust doesnt adhere to timetables either. Perhaps gauge his reactions towards you and your animal impulses and analyse them instead of acting on or stressing about your own perceptions and beliefs.

F*ck women, you made me think and write all that on a Monday! I need to lay down.

Peas on Toast said...

Sorry Billy - it does seem a little heavy after the weekend you endured (have read your blog post).

OK - so this what I am going to do: To feel more in control, I will not shag him this week. I will shag him on the weekend, as I will have no choice: a whole lot of us are going away for the weekend. (Bless.) I am going to play it cool, and then I will feel better. I hate feeling like I'm the less powerful one, it doesn't work when you're a maneater like myself.

Cool bananas.

Third World Ant said...

As your flatmate, I second that proposal. Save the banging for the weekend, when the flat is all mine, and I can bang as loudly as I want with no concerns as to who hears me! You, on the other hand, will have to do it quietly, sounds carry quite loudly through tents :)

Peas on Toast said...

Dude, I'm too scared to go near him. I'm actually stalling for time here. I'm stalling because only now after I shagged ten times in one weekend, am I deciding to play hard to get.

Jeeziz I know how to complicate things. So by the time we get to share a tent this weekend, it's gonna be nasty.

November Rain said...

that isnt nympho issues that is just you havent had it in a while issues

I should know I actually am a nympho
and there is nothing wrong with too much sex LOL you know there are worse things you could do LOL

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

this whole taking it slow dating thing is so overrated, you're an adult, you want to have sex ten days, go ahead.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys. You'll be impressed to know, however, that I have filled my diary up this week. So when he asks me to come over and before I say 'yes', I would have a prioir arrangement. Meaning I'm fully booked. It's the only way I can play bhard to get a little. Good eh? ;)