Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the first flushings...

God I like this guy.

But that aside, this is what happened this weekend. It blew my mind.

My ex before Steve was one guy I have never managed to get over. Those of you that have read my blog since January last year would be familiar with this. Anyhoo...so for the first time, I kind of feel like I'm getting over it, because I like Small Bum so much at this point. But I hadn't fared the ultimate test. Until Saturday night that is.

I went to a party with my friends and Small Bum. One of the girls I know there fairly well tells me she snogged this ex of mine the night before. Sharp surge of panic and hysteria which came out like shock for 2 seconds, then kind of left it and told her it's my issue, she can so as she wants. Was still highly irritated with her though. But whatever.

It got worse.

He came to this party to see her. Crisis. But again, crisis in bathroom with Weezy for five minutes, then I got over it. This. Is. So. Awesome. I am over it! I saw them snogging and didn't want to slay them with an ice pick, or want to leave.Because right now, it's all about Small Bum.

(Plus to make it a little better: this girl got so hammered she fell over a coffee table, kissed another guy, and my ex went home in disgust apparently.) But again, whatever. Who cares? Because I don't!

I started feeling ill on Sunday, and haven't felt particularly hot and healthy all week, so Small Bum took me to the Morningside clinic to get my blood taken for a malaria test. As I fainted and vomited (me and blood and needles don't really work....) he held my hand and tended to my needs. Huge points there. No one really wants to see your new date throw up on the carpet then faint.

But no malaria. Just water parasite. Wonderful. He is so nice, my God, how am I going to pull myself together and somehow maintain some kind of feeling control? I don't know. All I know is...he has the most beautiful face EVER.

And although my ex is what I'd call physically perfect, I'm so not into it. Hooray!!


Billy said...

Dear God,
Please let some women somewhere consider me physically perfect, even if she is an ex.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

oh yes, he definitely scores bonus points for the clinic visit.
hope your parasite clears up ok, get well.

Nettie said...

Doesn't sound like you ened control- just him!

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - Hi! He's probably not physically perfect. In fact, the more I try to look at him objectively, he's really not. :)

Janie - I know. And when I was feeling faint, he pulled into a shop and bought me a Powerade..sigh....

Nettie - No seriously, I am totally vulnerable right now!