Friday, January 06, 2006

chewing the fat with my girls

I met up with my girls after work yesterday for a post-holiday catch up. I love my girls.
Besides the fact that they were teasing me with "(Peas) has a boyfriend, Peas has a boyfriend!" and getting me completely hot and flustered, because I do not have a boyfriend.

What defines having a boyfriend? According to my serial-dater guy friend Doc, it's official after the third date. Weezy reckons it's only official after the third nap-over, all wining and dining at restaurants aside.
I believe its only official when both parties decide that it is. This can only be decided after "the talk." I haven't had this "talk" with Small Bum. We haven't even had the chance, for God's sake, we both just had a three week away holiday. So in conclusion, I am only "seeing" him at the moment.

And that's that.

I'm smiling alot at the moment though. When my boss asked me to redo our whole website yesterday (which is a full-time job in itself) I grinned and yes, "Of course I'll do it!" When usually I'd roll my eyes and go, "I have a lot of work to do, but I'll try to squeeze it in...somehow."

Our book club is back on track. Thursday next week. Gotta love it.


zuzula said...

hello hon welcome back! sounds like you had a fab hol and needed the break.

I agree with the three date rule I'm afraid... i think you may be in boyfriend territory here!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

my oldest daughter has a term for what you are doing right now, she calls it "dealing", not officially a boyfriend, still under negotations, still free to look elsewhere. dealing here has a whole set of rules of its own. i myself had never heard of it before until she told me about it a few years ago, i thought she was just casually dating, apparently there is no such thing anymore.

Nettie said...

Maybe they meant, "Please have a boyfriend, please have a boyfriend!"

Connie and Rob said...

Just found your blog and noticed that one of my fellow bloggers "better safe than sorry" has been speaking with you.

My niece has the type of "friends" she calls them all the time. We are always the last to know that it is serious. She doesn't like to jump into using that boyfriend word. She thinks it is a jinx. I do notice a giggle in her voice when she is seeing a friend. lol.

Stop by and visit my blog.

Paperslut said...


Happy new year and all that rubbish.

Looks like things are back to normal.

"Seeing".. heh. Euphimisms!

Peas on Toast said...

hi guys

Ok..ok so I have an unofficial boyfriend. Eeek panic! :)

Billy said...

Hey Peas,
Good to see you in such chippa spirits!Long may it last!
Happy New year and all the best for the next 355 days.

P.s: I read Spud over the holiday and it was brilliant. Absolutely loved it.

She of the handbag said...

Happy New Year and Happy New Boyfriend:)

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - Isn't Spud the best? Taking it to book club on Thursday!

Handbag - And to you too dearie! EXCEPT, I don't have a boyfriend see. :)