Friday, January 20, 2006

life just gets better and better

Cell phopne stolen last week. A cold and a nasty cough.

And today I had a car accident. In my new(ish) beautiful car.

Driving along to work on 11th avenue Houghton, a fucking taxi doesn't stop at a stop street and just pulls out across the road, and I t-bone it. Thank God for ABS brakes. I nearly punched him when I got out. Taxis, for the lesser informed, in South Africa, are a nightmare. They drive like I would if I'd smoked crack.

Need a new bumper panel. My baby is hurt. Luckily I'm not.


Billy said...

So sorry to hear that Peas.
I hope there was major damage to the taxi? For the uninformed: Taxi's kill more people here in sunny south Africa than sharks, lightning, parachute accidents, lavatories, staplers, airplane accidents, suicides, mountain climbing, trains, motorsport, lions, rhino and hippos put together. But one lion grazes some dumbass photo obsessed twit and they hunt the lion!!!

Billy said...

What car is it?

Third World Ant said...

I'll give you and Ludwig a big hug when you come home...

on the bright side, that's three kak things that happened to you recently, your luck's bound to turn for the better.

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - you said it buddy. The guy had been crashed into before anyway, so the cops had a hard time finding what damage I had done alone. I bought the new Beetle in July last year: always wanted one, and I LOVE my car. Also love the fact I got comprehensive insurance. Let's see if First for Bitches pulls through for me.

His name is Ludwig cos he's German. :) His airbags miraculously didn't pop out and thank God for ABS. I will never buy another car without ABS.

Ant - I'm gonna need a beeeg beeeg hug later doll face. And start pouring the whiskey. May need a staunch one! ;)

Billy said...

Airbags can be a costly exercise if they activate. I assume the taxi wasnt insured?

I think i will even have a drink for you!

Peas on Toast said...

The taxi driver was adament he was insured, but lets sum up the criteria here:
1) He lives in Alexandra
2) There were numerous other smash-ups all over it that haven't been fixed
3) He's a taxi driver
4) He's a taxi driver

Yip, and I heard that about airbags as well - if they activate, your car could be a write off. Well that's what the tow truck drivers told me this morning, so really, who knows.

The day gets better, if you can believe it. I am meeting Small Bum's parents tonight over dinner. Fuuuuuuuuck. I am so not good at this meeting parents stuff.

So I may need two drinks. As I walk in the dooe. Ant, are you listening??

Billy said...

On the insurance issue you forgot one thing:
He's a taxi driver.

Enjoy tonight.

PS: Can you get onto Joblog?

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Billy.

No I can't get onto Joblog! Tried for the last two days and it says the site doesn't exist or something. Perhaps they are redoing it/have skipped the country...

Blondie said...

Oh Peas, geez,(rhyme) I'm glad you're okay. Sorry about your car (and sorry about having to meet Small Bum's parents. Always a freak out for me).

November Rain said...

I feel for you I have had my cell lost/stolen

and I have been in an accident
I am so glad you are okay
but remember something wont show until after

my son was hit and his back didnt start until 2 days after the accident

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

hope you're ok, can't you call the police for this?

Peas on Toast said...

Blondie - I know it's a real bummer. But I'm ok, it's fixable, so I'm lucky. ;)
As for the folks - I get soooo nervous...

Novy - My neck is starting to get a little stiff. Small Bum may have to massage it for me. :)

Janie - Thanks Janie, I'm ok. I had to call the cops on the scene of the accident for a case number. Needless to say our Metro Police aren't very helpful at all actually.