Thursday, January 19, 2006

sleep deprivation

Snivvling and with flaky skin around my tissue-scraped nose, I agreed to visit Small Bum last night after I'd met a friend for a drink.

It was the worst napover I've ever had.

Not because he isn't amazing, because he is, you see. The thing is, his room is unwittingly festering with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love me, they eat me any chance they get. So in an effort to stop this, I sprayed perfume all over myself. Worse. They started eating him too, and they don't usually do this. We got eaten alive. The whole night was spent covering my face and head with a pillow, but because it's so facking hot right now, I couldn't breathe and needed a snorkel, and I was coughing like a beeyutch on top of it.
We did not sleep a wink.

And I have made him sick.

So grumpy, mosquito-bitten and hacking, I left his boudoir to conquer a huge story I have on the cards today.

That's why it wasn't a good napover.

PS: We only had sex once.


Billy said...

You never slept and you only had sex once......i am stumped......what a waste....

You do know that mosquito's cant land on moving targets hey?

Third World Ant said...

I, on the other hand, thinks it's a good thing (the once-only shag, not the sleep deprivation): save your energy for the weekend, when hopefully you're both really horny and not sick, and can have a memorable shagathon...

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - I know. Well we only had one condom see. :)

Ant - Well if he's getting sick now, that means he'll only be better like on Friday. So he'd better hurry up and get over it.

Billy said...

Stay sick and you wont have to go camping.......sorry, had a bad airbed experience at Oppikoppie and havent recovered my love of camping yet.

Peas on Toast said...

You not going to believe this Billy, but I actually love camping. I know. I am a freak. :) Especially since I just got back from roughing it in Mozam for three weeks. But we're going to a farm in Clarens in the Free State, so it should be a totally different experience...or not. We'll see. ;)

Billy said...

I love camping too its the best way to chill with mates. I grew up going camping with my folks, them in a caravan and me in a tent. Having the equipment definitely makes a difference though.

Stephanie said...

Once? You are letting the side down!

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - the equipment is a plus. Like a blow up mattress, gotta love it. Especially when you unwittingly pitch your tent on a deceptively underground root, which becomes not so deceptive when you're sleeping on it...

Steph - lol. I know. Although I think this last weekend makes up for the time I slept with him, gasp, only once. ;)

November Rain said...

if you dont have fever
my nana always prescribed

1 shot glass of clear alcohol - % 40 or over
the higher the better
heated with honey and lemon juice
1 tsp honey
1tb of lemon jouice

heat it and when it is cool enough to drink down the hatch

another (if no fever and not to much muscous is milk with Jalopeno and red chili pepper)

the idea is to heat the body so you can burn the germs

if you have fever chicken soup the body is doing it for you

me I perfer nyquil but you can only get it the usa

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you're not going to get better if you don't get your beauty sleep.
what happened to you staying strong and not seeing him cuz of other plans.

Peas on Toast said...

Nope, I'm still playing it tough, and it seems to be working, in that I still have a life and am not bonking my way though my day. Last night I went to dinner with my two best guy friends. I'm good eh? ;)