Saturday, February 04, 2006

mindful entertainment

We went to go and see The Family Stone last night with the formidable SJP.
Three things:
1) If you about to meet your other half's parents, this is a good one to watch. Because you will never, ever be as bad as SJP.
2) I've decided that Luke Wilson is one hot mofo. Played the nice boyfriend role too.
3) I want to be back in the States at Christmas. Nothing beats the snow, lights, tradition. As much as I love our hot Christmas' on the beach, I think I may make a plan this year to visit somewhere cold and snowy.

And I bought two books. Belle de Jour, the story or blog diary rather of a London prostitute - so far extremely entertaining. Well it's got to be, when it pretty much starts out as, "I fuck people for a living." And due to my healthy obsession with everything French, a book called Almost French about an Australian journalist that ends up staying in Paris and marrying a French dude.

For me, and perhaps it's because I am half French, France is the quintessential lifestyle. They may be rude and unforgiving to anything English, but at least they have their priorities straight.
You drive a clapped out Renault 5, but you eat and drink the finest food on Earth. You live for sex and food. You live in one of the most beautiful country's on Earth, possibly in a town called St Guilheim sur Marne, or something as equally obtuse. Everyday you chew the fat about politics and the Germans over truffles and a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape, before retiring to bed for energetic sex with Olivier Martinez. I will retire there one day. But in the meantime, I will read about it and dream.


She of the handbag said...

The French are fab ... just a bit facking French;)

Peas on Toast said...

Exactly. As my German :) step-dad says...France would be perfect without the French.

But then he is German... :)

Third World Ant said...

Now the Italians... there's a great nationality!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i saw that movie. personally, i prefer owen wilson, maybe we could double date those american boys?

Peas on Toast said...

Ant - The I-Ties rock, bella :)

Janie - Anyday sugar! Can you organise for us?? ;)