Wednesday, February 08, 2006

this is why

I don't live in England. As much as everything there appeals to me, especially London, from the public transport, to the accents, to the shops, to the night life, even the tube, the weather would drive me bananas. (And so would the other South Africans).

It has been raining pretty much non-stop in Johannesburg for the last two months. You scoff. I am officially seasonally depressed. Not these wonderful thundershowers, with scary lightning and thunder, but pure solid drizzle.

So now I'm frustrated and sad, my hair is frizzy, I couldn't sleep last night thanks to the splooshing of water on the drainpipe, and now all that is slightly uncomfortable has manifested in my brain into something far more simple: I hate the human race.

I hate my narcissistic ex-lovers, I am annoyed with Small Bum because he's so fucking perfect in every way possible, and I hate my hair, my bum, my everything.

Fuck. I need some sleep and I need to get laid. It's been two days now for fuck's sake. Women have needs too you know.

And now I just seem needy. Fuck. Fuck.


Billy said...

2 days! My goodness its an emergency! Little bummed one pulled a groin?

Peas on Toast said...

Ha ha. No Small Bum didn't pull a groin - I think. But what does a girl have to do to get laid?

I think I actually just need some serious sleep, a good shag therefater and some sunshine. Then I'll be as good as new. But for now, I am overwhelmingly grumpy and I didn't even do anything last night.

Billy said...

2 more sleep till the weekend......

Peas on Toast said...

Bring it. Bring the weekend.

Plus I have go out tonight. I suppose one never HAS to do these things, but I'm too deep in the organisation of tonight to pull out now.

I think I'd rather do a triathlon than go out tonight.

Billy said...

im expecting a hangover and great sex post tommorow...

Peas on Toast said...

You can never be too presumptuous, but I'm hoping you're right Billy.

But perhaps I'll try and hold back. It'll be the hardest thing I have to do whilst merry on g & t's, but I think he can do a healthy bit of gagging for it for a change.

Yip I'm grumpy.