Friday, February 10, 2006

welcome to hell

Yesterday, I am trying to go about the business of writing stories, as I do, when my editor and the production editor had a full on bitch fight right in front of my desk.

"You can stand on your head before you get an apology from me you manipulative bitch!" That kind of thing. While I pretended to type furiously and avoid eye contact.

I'm on the production editor's side, of course, but no one knows this. Because what she was saying to the editor wasn't exactly untrue. I've chosen not to become involved, for obvious reasons, although I'm still getting the blah blah blah from both sides.

You could cut the tension with a knife.

So besides tense office relations, I have a meeting today with a large oil company regarding the caption we fucked up a month ago. Meaning we're probably going to be shat on from all the top dogs around a boardroom table in precidely one hour. I'd rather go swimming in shark infested waters, because I would have a better chance of coming out alive.

I got one hours sleep last night. Why? The rain again.

I was grumpy yesterday. Today I'm just not coping.


Billy said...

1 more sleep?

The weathers starting to get on my nerves too. Drove too work in a monsoon this morning, it wasnt fun.

Peas on Toast said...

1 more sleep, thank god!
Tonight I'll charge up my reserves with a solid nine hours hopefully.

I think the reason for all my frustration comes down to the weather. I heard about the rain early this morning before 7:30. Will it ever stop?