Monday, March 27, 2006

euphemistically dull

So Friday was a let down. The drama really could’ve sizzled more. I mean, there were no punches thrown. Both boys ignored each other. I’m almost disappointed.

The only slightly butterfly-bit was in the beginning. Ex S parked behind me on the road. I got out my car and legged it hammer and tongs to the pub without looking back.

I get a phonecall.

“Grow up (Peas.) What’s the point of coming here if we’re not going to talk?”
Peas: I haven’t come here to talk to you, dickwod, I'm here for Birthday Girl.”

Then we started screaming at each other from across the parking lot. For, oh about 2 minutes, mainly coming from my mouth. In fact, all coming from my mouth. I pulled myself together, after me yelling at him and him walking away as fast as he could.

And that was that - the rest of the night was almost normal.

Small Bum arrived at 11:00pm after work, Ex S didn’t even flinch. I don’t think he even looked. Small Bum, as I thought, talked to everyone, laughed with everyone, but kept a low profile.

I drank lots of tequila.

My friends arrived. That is, the friends I got full-custody of in the divorce, because they were mine to start with.
I managed to behave myself. I didn’t make any drastically loud comments, or strip off on the bar counter, or pour beer down his crotch. In fact, I didn’t even stare too much at Ex S to see who was talking to him.

Perhaps it was because I had someone, and Ex S didn’t.
Because most fundamentally: The Boob wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

Had she been there, and with the amount of tequila fuelled with anger in my system, things would've taken a left turn. But she wasn’t. I presume Ex S did see and observe Small Bum from the other side of the pub, as I got an sms from him at 3:04 am. We left at 1:30am. It simply said: “Thanks for the closure. It really helped.”

We had sex on his flatmate's Louis 14th dining room chair. On his suggestion. Fabulous.

Another fundamental cog of my weekend: I gave up smoking at precisely midnight on Saturday. It has almost been 36 hours. My mouth is dry, there's a funny aftertaste at the back of my throat, I am EXTREMELY cranky (just bit my boss' head off for borrowing my Internet cord.) And I am not loving life in general.
Giving up is extremely overrated. I wouldn't suggest it. But I've gone on now for 36 hours. I'm too far gone to quit quitting.


Jam said...

Actually, I am pleased to hear that the wheels only fell off slightly...despite all the tequila!

Pity Booby wasn't there 'cause that sure would have made the fireworks sparkle.

As for smoking - I just recently took it up again...! And desperately want to stop right this moment again. *sigh*
Stick with it 'cause in the long run, you'll be even more beautiful and feel wonderful.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Jam. I'm going out of my HEAD here in frsutration. I just hope the feeling of constant craving - like CONSTANT craving, gets better. I cannot feel like this for another 6 months.
Cold turkey is hell. Hell.

Billy said...

Sounds like a bit of a damp squid when we were hoping for a raging shark. Glad to hear no one got hurt though, i guess....

Peas on Toast said...

ha ha. But no matter what I said, I am actually relieved. :)

Dave said...

Hi PoT

Like I told you the other night, my gig is on Wednesdays at Tokyo Star. Get's going at 9. This week: The reboot of Rhythm.

oh, as a sweetener - First bloggers there get to drink my DJ bar tab - I'm not drinkin' :) But don't get too excited, it's only R100...

Dress digital!

Peas on Toast said...

Awesome, thanks Dave. Will spread the word! Have you told the Jobloggers/ChumpStyles/Splattermail/ Aquila crew?

Sounds great. Count me in.

Dave said...

Only told a couple of others... I don't wanna abuse the circle of trust, y'know? But hey, tell your bloggy mates to rock up at 9 to kill my personal tab! I'd hate for Tokyo to be profiting out of my sobriety

And if your friends enjoyed trifle bizarre at Citrus the other day - it'll be a similar vibe.

Dave said...

Here's the flickr link to the flyer...

Peas on Toast said...

Cool. Although my 'bloggy' mates extend to Third World Ant and Third Roommate, the two that were with me at the Awards.

So I may have to invite some of my non-bloggy friends as well :)

Jam said...

Maybe I'll slink in, hide in a corner and slink out again...

Antoine said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend young peas. If you are anything like me when I try to give up smoking, there is a large degree of pity for them and those around you.

But..... I admire you for taking the plunge - so to speal

Binsk said...

Hey Darling!

Long time no talk! Type!

Good luck on quitting smoking, I haven't done it yet.

Phil said...

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Peas on Toast said...

Hey Binsk - shit it's been forever! Nice to hear from you again my dear!

Any thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'm dying here! :)