Tuesday, March 07, 2006

how to deal with pain by default

You apologise to the person in question, who in turn, brandishes you for writing a blog.

You go home, not caring whether taxis cut in front of you, or whether you drive willy-nilly through red traffic lights, open up a bottle of Johnny Walker Red and smash it in your face.
Pass out. Woken by an angel in the form of THird World Ant, who carries you to your bed, phones Small Bum and tells him to come over and look after his inebriated and crying girlfriend, who is crying because she hurt her ex-boyfriend.
Fucked up enough?
When he arrives, cry even more.

Then, in a wierd twist of fate, look after your best mate on Sunday evening, who, after three bottles of wine, pitches up on your doorstep after driving. Shout at him, give him water and make him lie down. Convince him he cannot drive to Randburg in his state, because he wants to go to some Irish pub. Call other mate for back up.
Sit and drink water with him.

Then contemplate how fucked up life is, and thank God for good friends.
And a very understanding new boyfriend, who despite me being impossibly sad and guilt-ridden the entire weekend, managed to get me out of the house and make me laugh.


Jam said...

I think it's amazingly reassuring that people are so adaptable and understanding generally...we all have issues that are multi-faceted and quite screwed up! It's actually really really funny...
So good on Small Bum for being there, good on you for looking after your friend!

Billy said...

You ok?

Peas on Toast said...

Jam - that's what I figured. I just reckon most people, unlike myself, haven't documented it over the web. But it'll be ok, I suppose things will die down hopefully and new dramas will happen.x

Billy - hello dear, yes I'm ok, thanks. Wasn't on Friday, but I'm coping. x

Billy said...

Chin up, it wont last forever.

"Hold on, tommorrow will be better, just hold on." - Saw it on Oprah the other day, no im not gay and yes i do have a job.....

Stephanie said...

I like this Small Bum boy. :)

You'll be ok, chick. It will all pass and you've got great friends and SB to help.

Peas on Toast said...

Billy - I'm glad you watch Oprah big guy. :) Third World Ant and I decided last night that I have been cursed by a pissed off sangoma.

Steph - I like him too :) Funnily enough, my ex said "'Small Bum' must be the nicest oke ever" as well. He is right.