Friday, June 02, 2006


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..or it just gets me into more trouble.

For what it's worth, Small Bum and his mates, I am sorry for being a bitch. I should've taken the axing with more dignity. And perhaps just taken Class A drugs to forget about the whole thing so that I didn't feel so betrayed.

Small Bum was fantastic in so many ways. Which is why I am so heartbroken and angry. Please understand where I came from.

From now on, I'll be talking about the weather, how fucked I got at the Jolly Roger, and politics.


Anonymous said...

No problem "Peas". Its never easy, hope you get over it quickly.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks "Anon".

Anonymous said...

Peas - RESPECT sister.
U r a catch my girl and a way bigger person than anyone has given u credit 4.
If my kuk ever comes down to the wire I hope I can be as gracious a "bitch" as you.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Muddle, you're great.

From now on, I'm going to be Nice Peas. ;)

muddlepuddle said...

From now on u just b u.... it's the reason u have adoring fans ain't it?

Agh so u lose a few by the way side every now and then, which is right on as probably if you ever got round to cleaning out your closet those are the ones you'd have chucked anyway!

After that apology girl you got my vote

Your humble understudy

Peas on Toast said...

Muddle you rock. I briefly went onto your site this morning, but haven't had time in today's craziness to comment just yet. But I will, we have much to discuss. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ja - nice Peas is much better. It's one thing blogging anonymously, but in this case it got a leetle out of hand. Read the book “He's Just Not That Into You” – will help you to look on the lighter side of things. There is the perfect guy out there for you – probably just around the corner! ;)

Stay fabulous! Your blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

You know 'SB' just pulled such a 'typical-male' guilt trip on you AND you've fallen for it hook, line and sinker!

Of course he wrote you a 3page letter. Of course he was hoping (huh?) to drop it off with you... yeah right, whatever!

Go with your instinct... why is he only coming forward now? Surely if he was SO heartbroken and regretted leaving you he wouldn't have wasted any time whatsoever... he'd have contacted you immediately to beg for your forgiveness... instead he sends you an e-mail to tell you about an alleged letter he wrote... PULEEZ!!! He didn’t even call to see if you’re ok or coping yet he cares so much!!!!!

All along you thought he was reading your blog and even so you chose to vent through it and even called it what it was... therapy. Now you are apologising... why? Because you're afraid that you blew your chance to get him back based on an apparent letter. Shrewd and manipulative on his part!

Chances are IF the letter even exists, he was still unsure about the 2 of you because instead of getting it to you, it was sitting in his draw.

Furthermore he's probably one of those guys who can't bare to be the bad guy (if the hat fits, wear it). He was obviously feeling guilty about crushing you but unfortunately, the one who axes the relationship is always going to be the bad guy... that is dynamics of relationships and very necessarily so, in order for the dumped to move on.

Now in one e-mail he’s very cleverly switched the roles... you are the bad guy and carry all the blame (and associated guilt).

Screw that girl! You have a right to be hurt and a right to vent. Besides which, I doubt anyone even cares or takes what you say about him seriously, we all know where it’s coming from and I’m sure we’ve all been there.

His identity is anonymous (except to those who know you – but then I’m sure you’ve vented worse in person than blogging) so don’t let him rob you of your ‘therapy’. If he doesn’t like what you write, he doesn’t have to read it!

Anonymous said...



i hope your lingering scent consumes his guilt..........

no more comments on your sudden change in that "HE" is reading it....!@#$%^&

remember......FORGIVE but NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!

take care


muddlepuddle said...

Peas me blog is new and possibly poo too!

I am trying to figure out all the technical stuff so forgive if it is boredom personified!

I chose the sickly lime green in an attempt to combat the above problem!
Plus my spiritual guide (huh?) says green is a good colour for me!

The end of the day has cometh and you have achieved much my friend!



Phakt said...

Gotta agree with Anonymous (the long version). He's guilt tripping you in a big way.

You don't get to dump someone and then bitch and moan about the reaction. More so why are you apologising to his friends?

Nobody is forcing them to read YOUR blog. WTF were they expecting from a blog diary?

Fuck them! What's wrong with mentioning the self-tan and the bathrobe? It's not like you're posting pictures!

BTW - In Switzerland we think you're fantastic!

Kate said...

a friend of mine directed me to your blog a couple of weeks ago and i was immediately hooked. Your blog is at the level of honesty I hope mine will get to when i work up the courage.
I was a fan, but, after your lastest post, I'm a huge fan.

Anonymous said...

hmm, wondering how to get in contact so can fetch goodies on your behalf - SimonSays

Revolving Credit said...


Peas, I must agree fully with 'Anon the Long'.
If I was he, I would so be going out and celebrating the fact that I've pulled the wool over your eyes.
BUT, granted, you want things to end amicably, that is just fine- lets all just go our own merry ways.
BUT you're not supposed to feel guilty - Sad maybe, but not guilty cuz you've done nothing wrong except love someone who was unwilling or unable to reciperocate.

I actually don't know why you apologised to his friends (WTF?), should they at least not have tried to contact you in the last week, try to help patch things up or at very least console you...NO..they run back to him and report on how you've been coping via the blog.(Those types of friends I personally can do without)

When you're unsure what this blog is about, remember the title :
"I am unapologetically crass about my overly-dramatic, binge-drinking, socialite, shoe-loving and sex-adoring behaviour that should otherwise be clandestine.'

But what done is done, you have crossed that bridge and can now move on....Happy Hunting!!

Daedalus said...

Furry feet? Peas? hehe..

Anonymous said...

well....either u think i'm part of the "FBI" (fucking bitches incorporated)....or "SBS"..((small bum spy))...or u just dont like me....

buh....judging from your responses to EVERYONE ELSE EXCEPT ME! hah!@#$%^&

i can take a HINT!....

swallowed like a bittersweet pilll/...


have a fabulous weekend ahead and grin and bare it!

fading_fida . . .

Revolving Credit said...

Um...fading: U R posting comments close to midnight GMT+2. Don't know where you are but ya may need to wait for people to get into the office before they can reply.
Peas, you may want to set correct timezone settings on blogger to avoid confusion and associated sudden feelings of neglect.

Peas on Toast said...

Hi everyone! (and fading fida;)

Well, in a hutshell, cos I won't post about it. I apologised and he apologised to me for making me feel like the bad guy in a messy situation. He says he won't intrude again, and he does give a fuck about me and has cried buckets over it. He is s sincere guy, so out of all of this, I believe him. He did give a fuck. Not enough of a fuck, but a fuck nevertheless.

So. I'm thinking: let's move on. Thanks for your advice and making me feel better about a bad situation. It's been crap. So let's move on to better, brighter things!

Peas xxxxxxx

Syllable said...

You say you're a bitch like it's a bad thing! I am an unapologetic Queen Bitch, and anyone who doesn't like it can go f*ck themselves with a power tool :D

Don't put yourself down girl. You rock!

Revolving Credit said...


Shortypam said...

hey now there is nothing wrong about being a bitch.. in fact i applaud your direct bitchy approach... it gives me chills

Peas on Toast said...

Shortypam - why thank you. :) I never knew I had it in me!

Anonymous said...

SB is a nice guy, no matter how it ended, i would have let him date my sister, but after some of the revelations here, i cant wait to see the bugger again!!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Anon/SB's friend:

He is nice. But he also has intimacy issues. I just hope he can live this down, because he doesn't deserve all his mates giving him shit about it.