Thursday, July 27, 2006

sugar high

In a useless attempt to vow out of attending the trade show yesterday for the entire day, I induced myself sick.

See, this trade show, which my company is involved in every year, is all about food and beverage. Therefore you pretty much spend your entire day throwing comestables willy-nilly down your pie-hole, only to roll to your car after being winched out on a giant pulley mechanism because you've gained 7 kilogrammes in two days. Or something like that.

There's free food fucking everywhere.

Yesterday I was sick and tired of flitting around, smiling at people (although one hot man - selling Portuguese food - oh the irony - was worth smiling at. A lot. Everytime I walked past. Which was like, every half an hour.) and being nice. So the plan was to eat everything I saw in large quantities and then vomit on my editor's shoes, where she'd take pity on me and send me home to my bed.

No such luck. I ate one pie, eight samoosas, half a Delhi curry (those guys are great), two Pepsis, an ice-cream, three chicken nuggets, two slices of pizza, and a whole lot of Franco-continental cheese. I didn't vomit. I bounced off the walls in a fit of glucose delerium. I'd pumped my body so full of sugar so quickly, I literally felt pissed. I'm pretty sure I was swaying, and giggling and kind of talking at the top of my voice for a good hour or two. Then on the way home, through traffic, I lost momentum and my wonderful little sugar high (which, by the way, gives you a mighty feeling of grandiose before you come crashing down), turned quickly into the shakes and nauseum.

I sat up the whole night with cramps and a severe headache. God knows where I put this food, because lately I forget to eat. You know, I wonder why I'm feeling so cranky, and I realise I haven't eaten for like 10 hours.

I still snuck out early though. So I think I might be in trouble this morning. Sigh.


guppa said...

none-the-less, what a rad job where you get to look at hot portuguese guys and smash food in your face! hope you feeling better.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks babe!

Have you know, my migraine is still pumping, I feel nauseous and I should've taken the day off to recover! :)
Have you kow I made some Delhi friends, we swapped email addresses, they gave me lots of curry powders, snacky things and curries, great guys. Told them I'm coming to Delhi next year to see you, so they told me all about the place.


Miss you big guy.

kyknoord said...

Probably explains the cramps - your digestive system fighting for territory with the other organs.

Peas on Toast said...

Tooshay Kyk!

I promise when we finally get to have our date, I won't eat myself stupid.;)

On that note, have you made allegiance to Entry A in the meantime, or are you going to wait for my ass to get down there? :)

Shortypam said...

ahoy matey!!! ok thats jus crass... all that food then u have to suffer 4 it, arrrgggg!!! but atleast the porra boy was nice to look at... yay!!! go porra boys!

Jam said...

You ate WHAT? How did you find the space?
I get similar responses to sugar - get stupidly high and then crash lower than an earthworm.
Maybe you've actually got food poisoning, not over-eating sickness...

kyknoord said...

Let me put it this way, I can probably get a lot of mileage out of pining - the whole "wherefor art thou?" thing can be very melodramatic.

ATW said...

Dear Peas,

This is probably going to sound patronising but I really don't mean it to be. But you're welcome to tell me to p off if so inclined.

I genuinely love the way that you use the wrong words and phrases in all the right places without losing any meaning. It's endearing. Sometimes I'm not sure if you do this deliberately or not.

For example:
"Vow out" ~ Bow out
"Navel Base" ~ Naval/AirForce Base
"Duke box" ~ Juke box
"Aboplexy" ~ Apoplexy
"Tooshay" ~ Touche (with a thing on the e).

Get better soon :-)

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - you're going all Romeo and Juliet on me! I'll be down there next week! ;)

Shorty - thank heavens for the Portuguese guy! ;)

Jam - I feel like I have a hangover this morning. All that junk has made me feel quite bloody ill.

ATW - ha ha ha ha ha!
YOu sound just like Ant!
Yes, I seemingly give a rat's ass for the English language, don't I? ;)

In my defence: I write touche like tooshay so people get it. But perhaps they already do. :)

I know, I know. I'm very bad at spelling. Not my strong journalistic point!


JamesW said...

Haha, I agree with ATW there, I enjoy the minor idiosyncrasys. Adds character to what you write.

I found myself, for the first time, the other day, counting on average the amount of sugar i consciously put into my system through out the day.

The big killer is the tea and coffee that i religiously drink through out the day. With that alone, i pour 12 teaspoons down my gullet everyday, and if you include the sugar in food and the occasional softdrink that i consume, I'm quite supprised i'm not catatonic at the moment.

Peas on Toast said...

Jimmy - agreed. So add on my usual cup of teas and coffee throughout the day plus the whole of the bloody carnival I munched yesterday and you have me, catatonic and hungover on sugar.


PS: How ARE you by the way? Now that I know you're Jimmy-poo and not some random James W I couldn't identify!

JamesW said...

Not bad, my projects i've been working on are moving slowly at the moment. So i've been e-surfing more than usual. I found those engineering emails we exchanged, whilst you were working for engineering news, the other day . Had me ROFLMAO, showed it to a non-engineering female friend who couldnt relate.

p.s. I could still be an axe-murderer

Peas on Toast said...

Oh my God! Those were hysetrical. Please resend them to me? In my sugar-hangover, I could really do with a giggle.

How hilarious. Perhaps I should post them up.

PS: And yes, you could still be an axe-murderer. :)

JamesW said...

hmmm, weird. In my previous post, the three times i wrote engineering. they all came up one under the other on the left hand side. its a sign, A SIGN (*runs off in hysteria)

Champagne Heathen said...

All I have eaten today so far is a massive piece of chocolate cake (Gotta love office b.days!). About 5 minutes ago I started shaking.

So Peas, in your experience then, can I attribute this to sugar highs...or now lows? (Although I did have about 3 cups of strong black coffee this morning too, but surely wonderful wonderful coffee could never be bad for a person!)

Peas on Toast said...

Tooshay ;) Champs. Good coffee never hurt anybody.
Good luck with the lows. They suck. :)

other-duke said...

Yo Peas - check out my latest post, have a sneaking suspicion, you'll find it quite amusing

OH and please note: new (fab) template

Revolving Credit said...

Sounds like you found a Portugese 'Sugar Daddy'!